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Haha, Lancer is NOT COD!


(Major Schaefer) #21

That’s a good point. :+1:
Aside from credit bonuses there’s not much reward for level progression in Gears 4.

(Major Schaefer) #22

Do you need TP? :wink:

(J4CKA1) #23

Yea, but the COD type weapon progression wouldn’t work in this game. It’s apples to oranges, but an uncraftable character skin unlocked through progression only would be cool (Read: fools that throw their money at the screen can’t just buy it). Maybe even multiple characters all along the way, plus skins for hitting a certain amount of kills with a gun, or waves of horde?

I’d work towards that, sure.

(Major Schaefer) #24

Oh, absolutely. With COD I hated starting with lesser weapons than those more experienced than me.
Let everybody have the same weapons, just let progression give you more choice of which skin you have equipped on them, and which character you have carrying them.
I still miss the medal system from Gears 3…

(Omen LP) #25

Nah, you start with the Comp gnasher and only get the core when you get to Gold…
Starr with lancer, and get Retro when you hit re-up 3.

And get Embar and the Dropshot on Wings 1, and the HoD on Wings 10 :wink:

(Major Schaefer) #26

Start with the Enforcer though, because I believe that’s a ‘noob’ gun? :laughing:

(HayMaker304) #27

Naw I’m good. Stuff like that is why I quit playing multiplayer battlefield. It has some really cool things going on and objective based multiplayer but it sucks if your just beginning because you’ll just be a pawn to everyone else.

(buscobuzzy) #28

A while ago people were complaining how strong the lancer is, to me I think it’s extremely weak. I’ve put half a magazine in aplayers and they still will run and roll to me and then BOOMMM hellow TC’s ruined gnasher I’m dead.

(Yogy DMT) #29

You’re right, it’s definitely an exaggeration, people use extremes to illustrate their point all the time. I doubt anyone that brings up CoD is 100% serious. The bottom line is that Gears is successful because it’s not CoD. Call of Duty has the monopoly on the quick pace fps genre, it’s over, in the past. And trying to capture some of CoD’s market share is no different then Bing trying to get in on the search engine market or any other late comer trying to get in on the fun with a non-existent product vision. It’s greedy and it almost never works because it’s just bad and lazy business.

That being said, we need to embrace the reasons why we play Gears over CoD and i think TC has done that with Gears 4. I think rifles absolutely have a place in this game. I want them to be useful and believe it nor Gnashers only is one dimensional and boring. I think the lancer can be useful, strategic, and a vital component of gameplay without it being a weapon that will normally kill a player 100 to 0.

How strong we want the rifles to be is a discussion. I do tend to think that rifles have been OP in the past. Of course they are not as strong as they are in CoD, but again i don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to keep Gears as far away from CoD gameplay wise as possible. It is of course a balancing act, but it is a balancing act where weapons should be balanced independently based on what feels right. Comparing the gnasher to lancer directly in a vacuum is a recipe for disaster.

(Stoic Slab) #31

Has anyone considered the effect that cover and roadie running has? Change how either of those things work and you dramatically alter how the rest of the game plays - certainly more so than merely tuning weapons.

(elBarricado133) #32

No. At the start of the match you are to throw everything on the ground except the gnasher, run brain first at the enemy, active farm on the way there then smash the cover button over and over while swinging your camera left and right-also forgot to mention rip the LT out of your controller its never to be used- until one of two things happen. Either A you kill them then claim skill or B they kill you and claim they either sponged or it was lag related.

You are NEVER to deviate from this strategy and any other players seen using any other weapon to cross or counter this strategy are to be cast out and flogged for thinking outside of the status quo. You are playing gears. Not COD. Scrub.

(Black Mage Pein) #33

Nice Barricade133. that was a great read brother. Hilarious as always!
Dont forget to include switch your load out even; so you can start with the gnasher right off spawn. skip wasting time throwing your weapons down. just never ever let go of the Gnasher.
Its like the manliest baby you will ever hold and it can not be dropped for anything regardless of situation. lmao

(Talented Camper) #34

An active lancer is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game. And I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(ll R E D l) #35

Until you meet a bullet sponge and you hit them with 16 lancer shots for 65% damage.

(HayMaker304) #36

Or you hit them at Gib range just to do 84% damage lol

(Black Mage Pein) #37

enforcer is stronger than lancer by damage however it is not available in competitive but most powerful gun in the game is just not a logical argument. Gnasher can one shot people. boomshot is stronger, dropshot is stronger than the boomshot. lancer can maybe down two people and not kill them (in competitive as it takes like 18 shots in the body to down someone basically) unless you hit every shot in the head which is just not a realistic expectation every fight and/or circumstance. Gnasher has a much higher chance to be able to kill 5 people with its 8 round clip.
You are either trolling or dont know what you are talking about. its a decent weapon, its no where near the best however.

(PorkbumTheBrave) #38

Yeah but if someone has level 2 or 3 armour in cod blackout it takes like a clip and a half to kill someone. The time to kill is crazy sometimes.

(HoesEatOreos) #39

at least all the shotguns work in CoD

(Black Mage Pein) #40

they work in gears also, if the shotgun gets sponged by some players due to latency, (not the games fault,the connection is to blame) least its usually one shot for the gnasher n it kills next shot, though all guns have the same issue basically. when the lancer requires 14 shots to down someone in the body in social, (18 in competitive) it really cant afford to be sponged cause it makes an already mediocre gun even more worthless. (if it takes 18 shots normally and even 2 are sponged you are now eating half your 40 round magazine just to get a down) love the lancer but least Gnasher gets sponged one shot,usually & kills the next. lancer does not have that luck. the Gnasher is fine, as someone who plays at 20-25 ping most times. its no issue. though the lancer… SMH doesnt work consistently
Almost all weapons sponge in gears. I have a clip where i hit a guy directly standing in spawn with the boomshot n he took no damage. (no he did not have spawn protection, i would have heard it in the clip n been like; o that makes sense) n the shotgun works fine 90% of the time.

All this community does is cry about the gnasher despite its a nuclear warhead in social.

(hiho360) #41

I’ve had it before where someone has jumped over a wall and I’ve shot them dead on with the gnasher and didn’t produce a hit, I even did it again later in the round. I thought it was maybe me shooting too quickly so I waited slightly second time around.

I’m thinking the game has too many flaws regarding hit boxes and character movement. That why people are wallhugging all the time as they are harder to hit.

Same applies sometimes when reviving a teammate and someone shoots you with a gnasher and misses to your surprise.