Haha, Lancer is NOT COD!


(Omen LP) #1

Hehe, in the past I have heard references to players who didn’t just use the gnashers to “go play COD if you want to use rifles”… I didnt really understand what that was about…

Well, I tried COD:BO4 just recently and I now understand it… And no, come on, lancer in gears, even CORE lancer, is NOTHING like the rifles in COD! In COD, if they see you first, you die. It takes what, 2-3 bullets to kill you? There is no time to turn around, no time to jump away (and I keep finding myself wanting to hit A to slide to cover)…

So yeah, IMO, using the lancer in Gears is NOTHING like the rifle play in COD…

Lots of people play COD so there must be something good or enjoyable about it, I will keep trying, but my initial feeling, after maybe 4-5 COD games, I much more prefer Gears… And I prefer the lancer in Gears much more than the rifles in COD… :slight_smile:

(xFribbo) #2

People just get salty when they get crossed down. I admit I do, but only when their whole team is set up and cross us down(with randoms). When we try and get to the hill random team mates don’t help when they run in with their Gnasher, leaving us outnumbered lmao.

(Omen LP) #3

lol, right!!

When I am playing KOTH and I see the other team setup well, with angles, and crossing, I know (a) we’re facing a high ranked team, and (2) we’re in for a fight!

Yeah, if you’re got gnasher-only randoms on your team, that can be brutal…

(xFribbo) #4

I mean I prefer Gnasher fights but if I have to lancer I will.

(HayMaker304) #5

I think on average it only takes about 11-12 active lancer shots to down you.

COD and battlefield is 2-3 direct hits depending on the weapon they are carrying. I feel like the gears weapon system is much more catered than those other games because in gears we have 14 vastly different weapons but in battlefield you’ll have 60-70 different rifles with different variants of those too.

Guys whine here about weapon tuning? Guess they have never played COD or BF4

(Omen LP) #6


I’ve played a number of Halo games, and now I’ve tried COD, and I have to say that, to me, there is a WORLD of difference between those play styles and the cover based Gears… I MUCH prefer Gears… I don’t like the ridiculous jumping in the other games, and the lack of ability to take cover…

So yeah, for me, it’s Gears, regardless how I might feel about some aspects of it (cough, cough, ranking, cough, cough, lag, etc)

(sancris777) #7

The lancer isn’t COD but the enforcer is which is why I use it cause people rage

(lukebazz91) #8

Comparing the two is idiotic