Had the most fun I've had in a very long time playing Gears and its all because I have been sleeping on Guardian for way too long

Back in the days of Gears 2, my team and I almost exclusively played guardian. Each of us were ranked in the top 500 in the world, we had a strategy for each and every map and knew exactly what to do regardless of who was made leader. As an OG player, it was honestly some of the most fun I had every had, not only in Gears but in gaming.

Like everyone at the time, my team was extremely excited for Gears 3 and we were optimistic that ‘Capture the Leader’ could be the next best thing… Unfortunately, most of us know how that went…

Now, since September 2011, we have had a couple attempts to recapture the heart and soul of Gears 2 Guardian, but they have all mostly missed the mark. It was the little things that felt off, like enemy spawn locations, whether you still respawn if your leader died while you were in the respawn queue, and other minor factors that just made it feel off. When Epic retroactively added it to Gears 3 and TC’s attempted in Gears 4 and launch Gears 5, I gave the mode another honest try, but still, the mode never scratched the itch I was looking for.

Fast forward to this past weekend, after a couple hours of Bunny hunt, it dawned on me that the rules for that mode felt very closely aligned with the energy of the Gears 2 version of Guardian. So, my team switched over to quickplay Guardian… and I am now ready to kick myself for not getting back into this mode again sooner.

It was genuinely the most fun I had playing Gears in years, it was a freaking blast!
I know several of you who frequent this forum are huge advocates of the mode, but I was under the assumption some of the poor rule change decisions were still in place and I simply ignored the mode.

I don’t know why this thread was necessary, but if your favorite mode used to be Guardian, chances are this current version in Gears 5 can be too. Please give it a try if you haven’t played since earlier in Gears 5’s life cycle.

TLDR: The current version of Gears 5 Guardian is amazing and you should play it.


I think a lot of ppl sleep on Guardian; always loved since GOW2. KOTH is my game mode for me followed by FFA that I recently started playing again.

The other modes are too slow and campy for me, I can’t stand TDM


Guardian is one of my favorite modes to play. Downside is getting a leader who runs into the middle of enemies but other than that great mode lol.

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Great stuff . Can you edit the title though :wink::ok_hand: but long winded.
As for fav modes, I would love Breakthrough to return.

I like the new Guardian they made. I think its a good balance of what Gears 3 Gaurdian had without it being too busted. The leader having Xray every so often is a pretty cool idea instead of just having everyone on the map know where the enemy leader is and the leader having Xray Taccom.

Also Bunny Hunt with these new Guardian Rules is my Favorite Gears special event of all time.


I can edit the title.

Guardian imo is at it’s best in 5. However… I would like it if we could have Queen Reyna as the new leader now. I like having Jinn as the COG leader but a gold queen reyna would look sweet. Or maybe they change the gold all together.

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Guardian is by far the best game mode in gears 5

I’ll fight anyone in my back garden who thinks otherwise


I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it when I first realized it was added, but I have to admit it is a great add. Beyond just giving the leader something else to do, it is also a hugely beneficial to your survival as leader.

I was just saying this to my friend. Sure nothing will beat the good old days of Hoffman and Skorge, but Reyna makes way more sense than a random Scion Speaker.

I really think this is true now. It was such a breath of fresh air compared to the other modes right now.


Indeed it is.

I’ve always loved Guardian but one critique I had was how slooooow some matches could be if you faced those teams that sat deep in spawn with lancer walls and nade plants. Flushing them out on certain maps like Blood Drive would be damn near impossible, causing matches to last 30+ minutes. However with these new changes in Gears 5, leaders are for the first time forced to constantly remain vigilant about the 60 second respawn flip and if they’re going to be pinched during that time. Makes things a lot more interesting and fun (imo)

Easily my favorite iteration of Guardian, a mode I’ve mained since Gears of War 2. Its just sad TC never gave it a second chance in ranked after these changes were made :confused:


Guardian is a dope mode, I’d like it in ranked


I’m enjoying it a lot, but I wouldn’t touch it when bunny hunt is gone. Snipers makes the mode for me.

Jin bot is the dumbest thing I’ve ever since in my life

You’ve had a pretty uneventful life then.

What’s the point in saying that

Idk I felt like being cheeky lol.

I sure haven’t slept on it… welcome to the crew patiently waiting for it’s return to Ranked (mainly to prevent handicaps).

Long Live Guardian!!! (don’t shoot me @RedHulk1973 it was either make up my own, or just join you :joy::joy:)


I mean there are 4 Wrestlers walking around in Gears of War and Jinn Bot is the dumbest thing you’ve seen?

Indeed, I never was a spawn camper anyways, I find a spot mid map so I’m good to watch both sides… but I still time my ability regardless so that I have it during the swap, so if I do have to move I ain’t moving blindly, if not, marking there’s while he’s no doubt moving from one spawn to the other.

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I used to roll tons of guardian with a squad of buds back in G2. We’d beat teams of way better players that didn’t know how to properly play guardian. Pretty hilarious with the map glitchers too having to race across the map and kill the glitchers before they could get out of the map. Would happen a few times a night. Oh the memories.

Haven’t really rocked guardian since cuz the versions haven’t been that great and I can’t seem to get a fun crew together, or when I do they want to play King which is not my cup o’ tea. C’est la vie.

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