Hackers are ruining gears

so i know no one will care about this since its an old game but gears 4 is how i get my gears fix but the game is plagued by hackers i literally run into one every match i play im not asking tc to do anything about it because i know they wont im just bringing it to you guys attention i think its pretty sad and pathetic people has to ruin a old gears game like gears is small epsecially where im from it just blows my mind why people would do this heres the proof… it was a 5 man stack by the way who know exactly what he was doing which makes it even worse


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This post will get closed as it is considered a call-out, lol.

The only thing that can be done is report them and that’s it. It sucks, but it’s all we can do.


it doesnt do anything man i could block and report 100 hackers there will still be like 100 more in the next lobbies

Found your answer lol.

I know man it sucks, but it is the only thing to be done or just abandon the game, of course easier said than done cause like I need my gears fix lol.

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the fact that this game had no anti cheat when it first launched baffles me this is why everyone turns crossplay off for this game but i only have a xbox one with 60hz monitor so im stuck with pc

Hackers on Gears 4 were definitely banned. Don’t really know the status of support on Gears 4 but I made a thread about this back when I was playing GoW4 due to the tuning.

I was told by Sera herself to report them so it implies they’ll still handle it as f’d up as the support system is. I know for a fact that hackers definitely got banned on Gears of War 4 before Gears 5 came out.

just looks like 2 lucky headshots, however if the whole match was like that then its clearly a hack, was the whole match like that?

from the clips he also missed a few shots so i’m not 100% convinced.

Play with friends in a custom lobby

Gears pvp is dead they’re not going to do a thing

Please report players though: https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new along with the clips

Thank you :slight_smile: