Hacked by a child

A lot of the problem is that the laws haven’t caught up with the technology. Odds are if I call my local police department and say “Officer some dude on Xbox live Ddos’d me and shut off my internet.” odds are they won’t know what I’m talking about or they’ll say there’s nothing they can do about that and laugh at me after they hang up.

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Lol people still using cain and abel.
This used to be used a lot in games like halo. Seen it happen quite a bit on gow2.

Lesson for today boys and girls ,Never join random party invites


@GhostofDelta2 guess what’s gonna happen next time you join my party


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Do I really sound that bad today?


Dynamic IP

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Things you need to do

  1. Reset your router and change your I,P (If you don’t they can keep attacking you)

2.Get the gamer tags that did it (if you have video proof keep it by yourside), Report to microsoft (send in video if you have it and keep on them.)

3.Get law enforcement (for those who say this is too far, I’ve been hacked before, trust me when I say that unless you want paranoia problems you better cover your bases, also Most computer hacking charges are prosecuted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. §1030). This law covers a variety of different types of computer crimes and has been used very aggressively by the government in recent years. … Unauthorized Access of a Protected Computer.)

Lastly I know it sucks but don’t join random parties even if it’s to be nice, the way I,P grabbing works is that you have to have a link to the person with nothing in the way, most if not all parties on xbox and ps4 are ptp, so unless you are behind a vpn, your going to get attacked by people who want to attack you.

stay safe.


Nah. A crime is a crime and these little gobshites deserve some comeuppence. I genuinely hope something comes of it. I mean, to hack someone over a frigging video game? Jesus wept. It’s about time people who hide behind the internet to harass people and commit crimes suffer the consequences.


Na it’s not too far, the kid is on a powertrip with his clever lil mate and NEEDS scaring straight by the authorities or what could they do next?

Shut the net down on the next kid who owns him whilst said kids parents are downstairs on a conference call talking another Dr thru life saving surgery

Extreme, but that’s the world now

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Prepare the gulags?


Abso-frigging-lutely. No online video games, no internet at all. That’ll teach those little cockslaps.


You know, I gotta say I agree with you

I’d like to sign up for some of these, new to me and sound interesting, how much??

It’s a noun, not a verb. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well why didn’t you say so

In that case

I’ll take 3


From what i understand party mechanics are peer to peer, i.e. each member publishes directly to every other. So anyone in the party can see everyone else’s IP addresses by looking at the network traffic leaving their xbox. Which is trivial…

I didn’t know that was a thing either, thanks for spreading the word!

That seems like kind of a big security flaw, how are people supposed to find out about that?


You’re still a child

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