Hacked by a child

The weirdest thing happened last night. I’m in a match with this kid on the other team. He is getting really steamed because I keep killing him. So what he does is invite me to a party. I join because I like being friendly and I wanted to try and calm him down, (He can’t be more than 11.) He invites another friend of his (Who is probably like 13) to the party and asks him to shut my system down. This little ■■■■■■■■■■■■ takes my IP address, says exactly where I live, then my whole house’s internet turns off. WHAT THE ■■■■!? I’ve never seen this in my life? What do I do to protect myself and my family if children can do this ■■■■ with the click of a mouse? And what should I do to get this kid in trouble so he learns his lesson?

Sorry for cursing


Update your router.

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Wait… This actually happened? Like, no kidding?

LMAO! Kids these days

Don’t join party invite, especially if you don’t trust them.

What makes you think you got their age accurate?

Maybe report and block if you remember their gamertags.


Go nuclear and escalate - nuke his internet.


I am going out on a limb here and say he has a squeaky voice, curses every few seconds and/or is angry the whole time he keeps getting killed. Those are usually first sign indicators.


My kids all told me to never accept party invites because they’ll get your IP and DDS you.
This is a security flaw in xbox code.


Wow… I didn’t even know this was a thing. :man_facepalming:t4: I get party invites sometimes but I never accept. What would I want to talk to a random opponent I’m probably never gonna see again about?


Thank heavens I don’t join randoms,only friends /members,What is this world coming too.

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No kidding, I wrote down his gamertag and everything just in case I can do something about it.

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Long time ago we used to tell the kids to not accept anything from strangers, now they tell us to not join Xbox party with them. Time changes…


I love the whole uber situation joke, pure classic.

We used to say don’t talk to strangers, don’t get in a strangers car, don’t tell strangers where you live etc

Now with uber you can order a stranger online, direct to your address and get straight in their car

Sorry mum it’s not that I didn’t listen, jus the world changes lmfao


Never accept party invites

Plus, the most that’ll happen to you is you’ll get ddos’d or a hawaiian double cheese sauceless pizza will be at your doorstep

You got ddos’d. Once you join a party, anyone with limited IT knowledge can kick you offline. They already know their own IP address, so once you join, they see the new ip, they choose an amount of time (could be 5 minutes, could be 24 hours) to flood your connection with packets and it brings your connection down due to your network/connection being flooded with data.

It’s very easy to do when you have a bit of networking knowledge, regardless of age. Just don’t join random parties in the future to avoid this (gears runs thru azure servers, so they can’t get ur IP address just playing normally). Report them to MS. Move on and hope they didn’t save your IP address cause some ppl keep kicking ppl offline if they’re really butthurt. If that happens, you need to contact your ISP and request an IP change.

This is a very common thing, so don’t lose sleep worrying about it, but if your internet keeps going down without reason, it’s possible this kid DDOS’d you again just to spite ya. It usually doesn’t keep happening (cause ppl don’t normally save someone’s IP to keep doing this, but be aware it’s possible).

Anyway, sorry to hear it happened. Good luck and try not to join random invites in the future.


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It’s extremely common. It’s especially prevalent in competitive games. It’s the number one tactic used by scumbags in games like Rainbow Six Siege

If only they knew that ■■■■ is illegal. Who am I kidding they probably know damn well it is illegal.

Obviously it’s illegal but the individuals who do this very rarely ever get caught or have any action taken against them. Hence why it’s so common. Plus it’s very easy to do with just a little bit of research.

If only there was a way to make them face legal action.

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