[GZZII ] Analysis: Gears 5 What’s Up- Nov 4th - "I've had ENOUGH"

Im in full suport of GZZII and his frequent youtube content on the state of Gears 5 [ie the mess its in]. Just want to spread awarness for those of you who haven’t seen any of his stuff.


Well, same comment as on youtube:

Video is titled “Analysis” but he goes through fixes and changes in just 2 minutes, basically reading them from the screen and then for next half an hour complains about store cosmetics not being good enough for his liking and ungrateful other players who don’t appreciate his “work for the community”.

Meh, that’s just a clickbait and self admiration there.

At least his first video (that got him exposure) had some sort of actual analysis. This - not worth the time watching.

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yeah man… I rather watch cute videos of Owl’s on youtube. like this one:


When someone posts a video of someone’s opinion, I just assume it’s the OP or a friend promoting a YouTube or twitch channel. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you post your actual thoughts?
If not then…
Man, I just hate it when people regurgitate a streamers vomit. Like, get a ■■■■■■■ opinion of your own, people.

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“streamers vomit” damn… not a fan of his then? :joy:

This is a Gears forum and I shared a piece of Gears related content. Ive made my opinion clear on other posts plenty.

Like him or not GGZiis videos have got the attention of TC to the point that they’re probably low key watchin his vids to see how the community feels about the state of Gears 5. I just wanted to highlight the work he’s puttin in to make Gears 5 better by speakin out on a lot of the bs… something that not all the Gears content creators are willin to do btw… I’m guessin many on these forums prob havent seen any of it. Dont wanna watch? cool, keep it movin and watch cute owl videos like the one DANIII3L kindly shared :sunglasses:

Damn… cant even share a Gears 5 youtube link without gettin blowback… Look what Gears 5 has done to us all… squabblin an sh*t :rofl:


None of his recent videos have been worth watching. The dude just misses Gears 1.

The game is still not where I’d like it, but I do think TC is showing they are trying (in regard to gameplay, MTX is a whole different thing), so I’ll keep playing.

GGZii is real and a good spokemans for the gears of war fans! in my opnion


Im sure he does (miss Gears 1) but lets be real… he’s pretty much coverin all the outrage you see on these forums.

And with all due respect, I’ll keep watchin while you keep playin. Im done beta testin… Im confident that by the end of the year the game will be in a better state for me to jump back in on. That’s when I’ll get to playin.

I want an Owl skin!

That’l be a 1000 Iron please :owl:

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if they released one Ill buy it man for Marcus. !! = )

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