GW502 Error STILL happening

So… After patiently waiting for this issue to be fixed and hoping the 10/01 title update will resolve the issues I am STILL getting GW502 error whenever I attempt to play Gears 5.

I can boot the game fine… Although whenever I boot the game I do lose mic function but I’ll save that for another time… Then after a match and/or before a match loads up I am met with the dreadful GW502 error.

My rig is pretty decent (stats below) and I don’t have any issues with any other game but this one… Kind of sucks since I do want to play the game just can’t… Is there anyway to fix/prevent this damn error from happening? I’ve already capped my FPS to 60 fps and “cleared the ms cache”

i7-7700k @ 4.20 ghz
32 gb RAM @ 3000 mhz
Samsung SSD
Nvidia GTX 1080 ti

It recommends to try lower your display settings, mines defaulted to Ultra on everything one day despite not having the bonus ultra textures pack downloaded and that was causing it to crash with that error.

It has only happened once since then so I wouldn’t say it is a guaranteed fix, but it seemed to have helped in my case at least.