Guys you do know that

I hate how we just push some games to the side when a new one comes out, Yeah gears 5 is up and running but it’s too basic at the moment as in little maps to play on so they become repetitive, not enough skins and or characters to play as so horde becomes repetitive, If your tired of playing as the same people, Then hop back on Gears 4, It’s still a lovable game made with heart. Horde is fun and actually alot more tense then I remember it being, We got a variety of choices to play as any character we want. Versus is still good and funny, I had a few laughs when I got hit by a gnasher to the face. Overall by no means am I saying to drop Gears 5 and hop back on 4 but You could play both games til more content is delivered,

Gears 4 does have it’s set backs but it is still Gears of War,


Yeah, I have gone back and played Gears 4 a bit. Although that lowered FPS reeeeally hurts my eyes, arguably as much as flashbangs :joy: (okay maybe not that much, they seriously need to go, I’m tired of looking like a d-o-u-c-h-e and wearing sunglasses when I play Gears 5)

EDIT: bypassed censorship.

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How dare you?!?! That could offend someone. I mean, this is a Mature rated game ffs!
Think of the children. You have burned their innocent eyes with your vulgar talk. The horror!


I don’t like children, nor babies. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Too late, gears5 already got put to the side

Borderlands 3

By Christmas I’ll hopefully have some content to come back too an the store will be slashed (as pre-planned I’m sure) but I won’t go back to 4, ever. Dropped that back in March for Trials Rising and Resi2, still much to do there.

Hopefully gears fills the void between them an cyberpunk/the outer world’s, however long that is

Jus too many games :grin:

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Oh, well then, carry on

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What do you expect the game is just out give it time. I’m just glad those ■■■■■■ gear packs are gone

Honestly all most ppl expect is roughly what we’ve had before THEN loads of EXTRA stuff sold to us later/added as part of the deal. You know, the deal these companies keep saying were getting.

Instead it’ll take a year of additions to get this up to satisfactory release content levels

Been how long? An I’m already not booting up the game outa bordom already

Thats fine with me, I got other things to do, jus saying. That is what people expect
Because that’s what we were led to believe

Not almost completely gut the game then sell some of it back at ludicrous prices

That wasn’t the deal

Yeah that’s true like apparently we have to wait 3 months for like 4 characters like that’s not good most of the characters should be playable at least all the ones in the campaign them add more fan favorites and stuff