Guys when does season 9 begin & how many weeks in it

Does anyone know? I’m not asking about operations I’m asking towards PVP season 9

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Season 8 is the last operation, tomorrow they will release the second drop of this season and that’s it.
No more Operations/Seasons after September 14th.

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It will be new tours that give iron/coins.

Dont expect any new content after op8, there might be an update to give us more bugs/issues but i doubt they care enough anymore to actually fix thiis anymore.

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We dont know an exact date yet, presumably Season 9 and future will go for 11 weeks as TC stated that would be the standard.

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This isn’t quite correct.

To clear up some specific points regarding Gears 5 going forward:

Once Operation 8 ends, the game will move into a phase of automation, where the following will happen.
Tour of Duty – Will reset going forward. then lists the requirements for the tour going forward, which is less stars per rank, more coins and iron each tour.


Operation (Halo) Infinite will be begin after Operation 8 Ends


I’d rather play gears judgement than halo :wink:


I partly wonder if it isn’t planned this way. Players seem to overlap the two games enough to warrant a no compete.


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Oh, got it.
But there won’t be an Operation 9 as “big” as the old Seasons after this one, that’s what I meant.

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Glad you asked I was just having a laugh with a friend over this discretion. Myself. It’s hilarious they mention these things but don’t realize they never laid out when the seasons start or end lmao . All I have to go off rn is my game says 1 day left so I guess that means season 8 ends tomorrow? I have no concrete idea honestly and there is no one to blame but those who tend to ignore us

Ah no worries :slight_smile:

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Season 9 and so on thats rank… TC was taking about season 9 in rank and so on and so forth but as of the actual game operation 8 is it. After operation 8 no new content like skins or anything will be released in the store that why they are doing essential drops because this it is. Offering coins, iron, no skins thats not a season or operation thats TC saying here coins/iron and buy stuff you might have wanted in operation 1-8.

Yes but players are still able to earn skins for versus leaderboards for example,

I also linked to the full post that explains what you are saying too

The Op also specifically is asking a question

He doesnt normally play PVP but wants to earn as many skins as possible so this is actually relevant for him :slight_smile:

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Competitive seasons are still going to be refreshed beyond Operation 8.

I know, fortunately.

Heard that


Are you sure that link says anything about the ranked season ? I see info about operations but nothing about comp seasons. I’m gonna scan it again

Quick question.
If I completed all the medals in Operatjon 8, will they get a reset or just the tour of duty ranking?