Guys, we need to come together to fix this

I don’t see it as depressing. It is freeing. Make the most of your life because you only have the one. In the end nothing matters except the choices you make, or the choices you are lucky enough to be able to make. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to clip my toenails and play some Escape. Ahh, so free.


Believe it or not, I like 5 better than 4. @Nineteenth_Hour gave you the #'s on how many people are playing. 5 isn’t dying. Im not trying to make light of anything. I said this earlier, ill say it again…the people that raise hell on twitter and here a very vocal MINORITY. Their are lots of players that play every day that never go to Twitter, twitch, or here. They have no idea their is a faction that loathes 5. Does 5 have its problems. Sure. But all online multiplayers do. I vent here about 5 when im pissed off. Its cathartic. But I tell you, i play it everyday. And with what is going on in the world right now, I’m damn grateful to have it. Perspective is a good thing to have sometimes.


Edit; to prevent any hurt feelings I’ll just say that I don’t think people picking on new forum members is clever, or in any way productive. Certainly hasn’t made this place any more fun to hang out on.

I must know why you say it needs to die, it’s honestly the best Gears produced since 3. Judgement was a good tie in with an intriguing story dragged down by a horrible choice of systems that did not match Gears, and 4 was for lack of better terms terribly disappointing in my eyes, I found the multiplayer to be lackluster and Horde to be tedious and far less enjoyable, especially as you relied too heavily on having a team to be efficient in it, 5 honestly represents a culmination of ideas and systems being ironed out, yeah it’s not perfect, let me point to Escape which I feel they can still do more with, or Horde, but nothing ever comes out perfect, so why don’t we all just give it the year run, they’re doing great things now with it, I think the gripes are honestly minor and blown out of proportion.

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The only thing hurting my feelings is your refusal to be direct.

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Then tell them that instead of being passive on the matter. It’s not like you can’t address something to someone and not be civil at the same time.

While that’s true, the issues stem from the buggy and barebones launch. The frustrations are still around because we’re still playing catch-up with the game’s core features and mechanics. That includes the campaign mode.

Im all for it.
Are we not aloud to do polls??
We used to be able to back in the day.

Id really like to know the numbers of how many people what this gamplay reverted to Feb 11 update.

Unless you changed your name recently I don’t know you or what you’re referring to. It’s there something I can help you with?

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I don’t play attention to their names so I really can’t tell you who is doing it, I just know every time I click on a thread for the past 2 months the first response is often a gif that’s intended to derail the thread. It’s gotten really stale. The only one I know who uses them well is @AliceInChainsaw and I’m not talking about him as I don’t see him using them that way.

The guys who you think I’m targeting, do I owe them some recognition or something??


I feel like every time we discuss something, you always get something twisted. I dunno where the hell you’re getting this idea from.

To answer your question, no, and I don’t really care whether you do or don’t. All I’ve said was just say something to somebody and stay civil if you’ve got a problem with what they’re posting. I put in “stay civil” since you felt the need to say “to prevent any hurt feelings”, as if criticism involves hurting feelings.

It’s just general advice. Take it at face value.

There, enough derailing (I know it’s rich coming from me).

You should come koth with me sometime.

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Two months? I don’t think I have been here that long. Man, this quarantine really warps my sense of time.

Also, I need to give credit where it is due. This is the third time your legendary exploits have been mentioned. I bow before the master.

I hung up that hat long ago.

I genuinely don’t know what interactions you’re talking about or why you’re concerned about me editing my post so as not to offend anyone. Honestly, this is too boring to keep talking about so hopefully we can just agree that we don’t understand what each other is saying.

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If I do, I’ll be hitting you up.
Watching your YT stuff BTW. I think you’re the only Gears player I’m still subbed to.

That sounds about right lmao

Nah don’t let yourself be gaslighted

Oh my :smiley:
I honestly am the worst Youtuber there is haha… I just use it mostly as a dump for clips to link to.

But thanks for being a subscriber! ;D

I did recently try streaming though at twitch. I don’t know if you do the twitch. Same username there.

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Well this is clearly false even with the evidence you posted. There’s a total player count of 7m but only 1.2m monthly average users . Just to compare o Gears of War 4 which has a MAU of 630,000. Half of Gears 5. It’s clear that people aren’t choosing to switch over and how long will those new players even stick around for on Gears 5, it’s the core player-base they need to convert and keep.

It’s fine to be objective about player counts it is evident it’s dwindling and something needs to be done to fix it.