Guy named "Wlads" is fasttrigger exploiting in ranked...?!?

So the other day i was soloing escalation, we were about to win, 2 rounds were left… suddenly something changed: a player named “wlads” surprisingly placed the markza and o boy things got unreal. First off, i turned crossplay off, so this guy mast have been on console.

Heres what happened: on harbor he just camped in the upper middle and spammed the markza on us all in long range. now this isnt anything special BUT consider this… every bullet hit, he never missed once, while his firing rate was insanely fast, almost as fast as the snub or hammerburst in gears 3. the accuracy in combination with this firing speed is not normal, because spamming the trigger with markza makes the gun go up into the sky…


EDIT: The more i think about it, the more i come to the conclusion that this was a cheater. because of the firerate combined with the pinpoint accuracy… no modded controller can do that

There’s modded controllers. I think it’s funny how everyone blames PC players for cheating but I’ve seen a lot of Xbox users with modded controllers. Still never ran into a PC cheater yet, though they are out there.


I’ve ran into a PC cheater before but I also know I’ve seen modded controllers on consoles too. I’m not sure what The Coalition can do to prevent this from happening but for now we’re stuck with it. It’s a shame because I feel like they should be able to prevent it with a fire rate so I’m not sure how a modded controller would help

we had these issues before… thats why the hammerburst is back beeing a burst weapon again. people cant speedtrigger them. i just cant wrap my head around how a modded controller can keep that pinpoint accuracy up on the markza

What about setting sensitivity to 1 1 1 or zero if it can, and pointing barrel down as you fire rapidly. I could run an experiment I suppose to find out for myself. Would that amount be equal to the muzzle jump of the Markza?

interesting, i tried that while i play on max sensivity but was not able to hold aim on enemies… i will try again this evening with a lower sensivity, maybe he had a controller with switchable profiles

I’m only speculating of course but I have known since I have tried to rapid fire the snub, I hold the aim about halfway to compensate for the kick. I get mixed results but maybe a player could really lock in down if they trained with Markza. It’s kick is more pronounced so hard to say.

hmm, couldnt replicate that at all, im still seeing him/her as a cheater.

Record and show.

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