Guns not firing in split screen matchmaking

So there have been times where I play splitscreen with a partner in matchmaking. During those times I have encountered moments where some of the guns I use will not fire. I press the trigger, and nothing happens. It seems to happen with the enforcer or the markza, but it has also sometimes happened with the gnasher. When this happens, reloading the gun seems to fix the problem, but doing this in the middle of an encounter can really leave me or my parnter at a disadvantage. Do other players experience this, and can the developers please see if this can be fixed? Thank you.

I also sometimes noticed that when the gnasher is reloaded, it doesn’t actually reload all of the shots. This I think is not very common but I think it does happen. This is also in splitscreen.

There’s a simple explanation for this. Someone at TC thought the Gnasher only needed to reload three shots on a non-active reload(aka not hitting the small highlighted white bar on the reload indicator), just like it does in Versus, in PvE modes. For which I don’t understand the reason but it’s often not that much of an issue.

So on testing it out, it seems to reload three shells if you active reload it but not perfect reload it. If the bar is allowed to complete, the gun is jammed, or a perfect reload is achieved, it reloads all of the shells, Thanks for the info.