Gunners torque bow in horde guns in general

Since last week its like they have mad it worse i put 6 torque bow in a pouncer to kill it it was working great before but now it only stuns them and they don’t bleed either even though I have both card on. Need fixing back to how it was also mess up macs boltok was perfect before now has to much recoil on it . Shotgun is a flop since day one easy fix there change it back to original gears of war 1 shotgun have to shot bullets out then active it make it much more skill worth then just hitting active whenever. Lancer need sorting . They then need to leave guns alone stop make changes. once its right its right lol also movement speed is terrible change back to gear ultimate movement and fix it make default easy fix if everyone has same movement speed no speeding up makes for a fair playing field

Seems fine to me. What mode are you playing? The new daily Horde challenge (on Exhibit) features two enemy health mutators, so maybe that explains why it took more damage?

Let me guess, you were playing the daily horde frenzy that had 90% less explosive and bleed damage?

More proof that nobody bothers looking at the mutators and joins just for the CXP


This makes more sense. The OP was from 4 hours ago before the Exhibit one went live. That’ll explain it.

Totally agree though. This is kinda why I hold GOW fans in such low regard.

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So, OP…is that what happened? You didn’t read the mutators?

Also, did you know you’re on a discussion forum where people actually have to read what you say?


Wot dat?