Gunner stun build

I havent come across another person that uses it yet

Basically i use the bait, serrated, reflect, concussive and the heavy ammo card

I will use the torque for a while and have a locker full of em, ill keep frags on me too
Then i will try to get some salvos later and keep em on lockers and with the ammo card i have 40 rounds

I dont do a lot of damage but i keep the enemies from getting stunned, and the frag helps if i get shot and drop my salvo, quite helpful against flying enemies and matriarch

If you host a “Gunners only” lobby, you’ll see it really quickly.


It’s kinda old to be honest. When Gunner first came out this was more or less the main way of playing. But back then the class was a bit different and Concussive Explosives didn’t have a limited range - the stun effects applied from anywhere.

But this was way back before the Gunner got their current passive skill (heavy weapon hits heal player); Serrated Edge wasn’t in the game yet; and nor was the Mulcher Mastery.

It’s definitely still very viable, and I find alot of players tend to take a hybrid approach to it nowadays - seeing as it’s easy to set this class up to optimise two different weapons.


You can do that but I’d prefer to just to have a focus in the one weapon. You can have a Salvo in the locker but for me, it only really comes out if a Swarmak shows up so that I can annihilate the blisters.

The Salvo just shakes everyone’s screen. Torque gives superior enemy coverage, damage and can be used at all distances.


:notes:"Just 'cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it, isn’t there."

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When I play Gunner, I run the stun/torque bow build almost all the time. It might be “old school” but it’s super effective and useful and helps the team out the most. You can manage most of the game on Master with a Torque Bow until Salvo enemies spawn.

Class is very versatile honestly - there isn’t only one way to play the class.

  1. Torque Bleed/Salvo Stun
  2. Mulcher build
  3. Trishot build
  4. Freeze build
  5. Tank build (Team Resist, Bait Armor, Ultimate Battery…etc)
  6. Ult dominate build (Reflect Shredder, Heavy Shell, Sole Survivor…etc)
  7. Any combination of the above lol.

Yup. And also, I feel the need to emphasise again that the Gunner is very easy to set up so that it can utilise multiple weapons fairly effectively so you essentially have a hybrid build.

The key thing with the Gunner, is that alot of the weapon-related cards apply in a very general way, so they affect multiple weapons (the only exceptions are Serrated Edge and Flash Freeze). For example Heavy Capacity; Heavy Charger; and the passive skill (heavy hits heal player) apply to all heavy weapons. The chaingun ammo regeneration perk applies to both the Trishot and the Mulcher. Concussive Explosives applies to all explosive weapons (I count 6 weapons including frag grenades). Practice Everyday (which I don’t personally use) applies to all weapons that need to be reloaded. The rest of the Gunner’s cards are defence-orientated. The Torque Bow build that is popular amongst most Gunner players, only really needs Serrated Edge - while Concussive Explosives is useful, it’s not essential to make this build work, and the range means that you won’t get the stun effects from using it at longer ranges anyway (I believe the range is approximately equivalent of three barrier fortifications placed end to end). If players set up their Gunner with both Serrated Edge and Concussive Explosives, then almost by default that build can effectively use Salvos to stun and support your team mates as well. It just sort of forms a natural part of the set-up and you still have 3 card slots for anything else.

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Mulcher Mastery would like to have a word with this statement.

Is there some exploit where the Mulcher damage applies to Trishot or sentries or something? lol

Not that I’m aware. I just mentioned it since Pepper forgot about the card in his mention of skills the Gunner has that only apply to one weapon.

Having a Tri-Shot with 130% damage once your perk is at max level would be… interesting, though, for sure.

Ah okay. Yeah that Trishot would be OP and subject to nerfing immediately lol

Oh, i wasnt aware i stopped playing after release cause i didnt fancy how it played and returned in 2020 i think after all the new changes

I still use the trishot with this build, but in frenzy i usually dont since i have to choose depositing for lockers or chaingun regen

I don’t think 130% on the Trishot would be crazy OP, there are Dailys with 100% and 200% Crit Damage boost. Trishot Gunner is OP on that 200% Daily not gonna lie.

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The Tri Shot was god tier before it got nerfed way back. I preferred it over the mulcher even.

And yeah I miss the unlimited range on the concussive explosives, it was hilarious stunning everything halfway across the map setting up easy kills.


Yeah that was cool for sure. But I guess TC saw people stun locking Swarmaks from 100m away and decided to nerf it lol.

Can’t have skilled players using the classes to the best of their abilities now.

Well i play alot and havent come across it

I believe you… Just the same way I haven’t seen a single random engineer demanding everyone to “deposit.”

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I think it just falls under a hybrid build and the conditions of the stun build mean it is less noticeable.

Firstly the range is limited to 15 metres which is the length of three end to end barriers.

Secondly it’s arguable that the stun approach is best suited for a Salvo as you can fire up to 43 times or whatever the max ammo capacity is. I don’t see many people outright buy a Salvo cos of the cost so they tend to wait for Salvo enemies which are only Sentinels or DR1s on DeeBee waves.

So bearing this in mind Gunner in all likelihood use other weapons as part of a hybrid build until a Salvo becomes available.

And even then the stun build will rely on the help from other player, and only comes in certain circumstances - such as boss waves or later waves where you get pushed by lots of heavies and Guardians.

I definitely see Gunners stunning enemies though. A friend of mine yesterday did it. It was very helpful during boss waves.

I mostly use a stunner gunner, but I haven’t played the class in awhile. I’ve only played a few games using heavy weapon builds.

Concussive expl, serrated, reflect, team resist, then I rotate the last card depending on team/modifiers (heavy shell, freeze resist, and practice e.d.). I buy frags and use them sparingly, and I WILL pick up any random heavy weapons and burn the ammo - no cards or ammo regen. Perk ult duration and health and then damage I guess.

I think my favorite/most effective build was playing alongside a tactician. These games I’d take practice every day and save ultimate to use with tactician. Eventually they both last about the same time. I wield a dropshot and spam them like no tomorrow- active or not - it hurts and stuns enemies good. I like the drop because it doesn’t impede sight/firing lines of others in resupply area and will go over teammates.

I noticeably stun enemies while playing, but I use other tools as well.

I love Gunner but I took the page from many here and went just Torque Bow. It feels more agile, the damage is amazing (I’ve cleared 1 million on Wave 12, Master Atrium, two man completion; both Gunners), and the stun does really help the team. I just use both yellows, Practice Every Day, Concussive Explosives, and Dealer’s Choice for the 5th - Freeze Resist if it’s a daily with that, sometimes Team Resist if it’s survivor or Master, other times Heavy Deflect. I’ve been tempted by Sole Survivor but not a usual circumstance.

I enjoy torque bow Gunner more than almost any other class / build. The Mulcher build was fun for a while but the total lack of mobility bothered me, I somehow still went down a good deal, and I felt useless against some boss types where torque bow Gunner really has zero weaknesses. It’s somehow just super fun too.