Gunner Alternative Playstyles?

I’m not very versed with this class and have not maxed it out. It’s clear that Mulcher-centric builds are the favorite, but are there viable alternatives?

I enjoy the Bleed-based cards and concussive explosives in particular, at least in theory.

Cryo Cannon Build :slightly_smiling_face:

A Freeze Enemy can be increased by x3 (I’m not quiet sure, but a Headshot or Retro increases from 150+ to 450+ etc) Damage. It’s the Most requiring Teamwork Build, so if you mark the Enemy, but your Teammates are Shxt by not killing the Frozen Enemy you froze, this Build becomes Useless.

This Build I’m sure is 100% underrated because I swear it’s The Hardest Build to use.

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Mulcher seems to be the preferred choice but I have much better results with a Trishot.


I’ve always gone for a Torque Bow centered approach when it comes to the Gunner. Basically a locker with bows and shoot away.
You’re likely to get kicked for not doing the Mulcher-style Gunner though. I dont like the Mulcher playstyle since it in my opinion affects the possibility to move around. The Torque bow is more of a challenge and more fun.


Why not have both ? Of course you need to get rid off one card but I tried an hybrid build with TB and mulcher and it was perfect (at least on incon difficulty).
The TB is ok for the first waves (especially if you have a tactician) and you can buy a mulcher after wave 4 or 5 if you did not find it yet in the field.
The TB in the later waves could save your life if you lose your mulcher in a fight where it is tricky to get it back.
I am only speaking of frenzy (I usually don’t play complete 50-waves horde)

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I much prefer the Torque Bow over the heavy weapons. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t play 12 or 50 waves of anything sitting on the same heavy weapon for the entire thing.

Anyway I run Reflective Shredder, Serrated Edge, Heavy shell, Concussive Explosives and Bait armor but this is my slot to cycle through different cards. Yeh thats suits me fine and the ULT comes fair quickly from the explosive and bleed damage of the Torque bow so yay lol.


You sure can, but as I said I’m no big fan of the Mulcher-style. As for cards I have them related to the shield and the bow: Heavy shell, Reflect shredder, Team Resist (sometimes exchanged for Ultimate Battery), Serrated Edge and Concussive Explosion.
I have not played Gunner for a while but dont like him on Frenzy, mainly because there usually aint room for a full Torque bow locker. When I play him I do it on master 50’s.

I have never been kicked for not using the Mulcher build. I don’t see why anyone would kick a player for it when the Torque Bow bleed is just as if not more potent. Who doesn’t want stun locked Sentinels or Guardians because you can go under and stun them repeatedly while doing good damage? The only time I would see the Mulcher as superior is if you have to face tank stuff, but I find both builds decent fun. Might prefer the Torque Bow bleed though.

I pretty much run the same build as @WrinklyHornet34 for Torque Bow usage but my skill cycle spot is usually the one reserved to Heavy Shell, and I might use Team Resist for a daily with 3x damage or the one with two lethal modifiers.


How effective is gunner in escape regards to their cards?

Looking at the cards not many maps have a mulcher or torque bow but I did see people using that class in escape quite often especially for the ultimate to reflect damage

It’s absolute amazing to completely break certain hives. Last Stand and the Surge are good examples. Both maps that would usually take between 10-15minutes and you can finish them in about 3-4 minutes instead.

Ultimate Battery is also a nice card to “exploit” with a Sniper or Reject.

Don’t really like the class in Horde anymore. Reject-explosions constantly slap your weapon out of your hands and Grenadiers still oneshot you. And it’s a shame that Team Resist doesn’t scale with the perk.

I have used Gunner on a few maps and the ult is good for wiping out rooms or large portions of one if enemies focus on you, even without a Torque Bow or Mulcher available. But I’ve generally taken to using Gunner on maps which have either of those two weapons or at least a heavy weapon to use(like the Buzzkill/Salvo on Labyrinth, if no explosive bleed class is present to use the Salvo).

Take The Surge in act 1/2 for example, if you can get your ult you can charge into the middle of the room and watch as tons of enemies kill themselves shooting at you, more so if you run into the middle path in act 2 where it will be ready by the time you get there, usually. Take Heavy Shell for Salvos and Pouncers for good measure, usually, if I know they’re present in significant enough numbers to justify taking the card.

The Line can have you use a Cryo Cannon freeze build but I think that’s the only map where this setup works for Escape :
Freeze Resist
Heavy Deflect
Bait Armor
Flash Freeze
Heavy Capacity(can be swapped for something else, but unlikely you’ll find a more useful replacement)

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Can eat my bum.

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I’ve had chats demanding you buy a Mulcher, if you don’t you’re out. I know it’s weird but I rarely see a Gunner that does anything else but wield a Mulcher from start to finish. The Torque bow style just don’t seem that popular.

Well, the Torque Bow seems really out of place Gunner, for one. Kinda like what some may say about Claw on Blademaster. That doesn’t mean either’s related card is bad, but I imagine it is a reason.

I for one really enjoy finally being able to spam miniguns in Gears like I’m the Terminator, and the playstyle stands out as unique to the class for the most part.

Stun explosives (I imagine it goes well with Torque) and instant-freeze Cryo are great as side options for sure, though.

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Support build with cryo cannon and the stun explosives is pretty good if you have heavy hitters on your team already.

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I always have flash freeze when I do my daily horde frenzy
Especially now that we are getting wardens towards the end

It’s too helpful. Esp against matriarch

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And you let down which card : heavy charger sulfator or serrated edge ?
Especially in early wave of a frenzy I find serrated edge really helpful (random team where you don’t really know who will handle the DPS role)

I’m not sure how to quote on these forums
The epic forums were easier to quote

For the mulcher build
-mulcher dmg
-more heavy ammo
-bait armor
-heavy recharge

-flash freeze ( to be a tea player )

I usually play randoms horde frenzy for the daily

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Yeah I’m confused about that as well, like why kick someone using the torque bow card when the bleed is very useful plus it works on any boss including matriarch who has no defense against it and keeps her at bay.

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I get what you’re saying but if I’m not mistaken the Mulcher card and the chaingun regeneration was not even there when the class was released so back then the bow was what you had. It even did stun all over the map. My god the Gunner was a reliable source back then.