Gun starts blinking, can't fire

So is this just another of a thousand bugs with this game? A couple friends and I tried playing a couple matches of Horde today and at random times the guns would not fire. Only solution we could find as putting it on a weapons locker and taking it back off. It’s a bit difficult to play when you CAN’T shoot your weapon!!!


Did you run out of ammo? I only ask because if you put the weapon in the locker then it worked it sounds like they were empty?

The guns would run out of ammo after the first shot if that was the case. It would seem like the guns actually kept shooting after retrieving them from the locker.

I had a Markza freeze while playing escape tonight. I couldn’t shoot or manual aim. Reloading fixed it, but it happened repeatedly.

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Yep, exactly the same thing! I’ve never experienced that before. I wonder if they broke something with their Title update?

Is it really their title update though? Or is it Epic’s. :joy:

Suffered this glitch multiple times solo and both of us suffered when split-screening with a friend.

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Well with any luck it’ll be fixed mid 2021.


Yeah, maybe split screening has something to do with it.

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Same here with split screen. I could fire but he couldn’t.

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Same with me when playing split screen this weekend. What a game eh! Loads of bugs, terrible matchmaking, having to play in distant servers, MONETIZATION, no full screen split screen, awful campaign, low-skill aiming, op lancer at range and many many more problems! I just wish everyone would stop playing gears 5 and revive the servers on gears 1-3. Even today they are more fun to play than gears 5.

The same thing for me!! It happened playing horde (I didn’t try another game modes) in splitscreen… I tried to remove some cards about the active reloads improvements , changing characters, changing controls, forging the weapon, buying another weapon in the fabricator, turning off the xbox, EVERYTHING!!! We couldn’t find the solution but I know that is bug from the game and is not me.


This bug continues to plague me during Horde matches, often 10+ times a game. Still seems to be primarily DB weapons.

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I haven’t heard anything about a fix either. Have you sent TC a bug report? How do you tag TC Octus ?

Had this problem for ages. Have noticed it only seems to happen in split screen and when getting an active reload. Only way to fix it is to either put the gun on a locker or reload it again which is basically suicide when surrounded by drones and scions.

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I just wanted to comment on this old thread. It’s literally the day after Thanksgiving and this glitch still exists.

Split screen co-op is utterly busted. This glitch affects us 100% of the time. If you are using Dell, who starts with the SMG, or use the SMG and reload, you cannot aim, fire or even melee. How is this still a bug after three months?