Guinea pigs 4 days early

After purchasing the limited edition xbox one x gears of war and ulitmate edition gears of war 4 days early I’m beginning to think we are the Guinea pigs for others, as we all shoulda just been cheap and got the game pass ulitmate I wouldnt be so disappointed.
Constantly getting kicked out of online games, the leader boards are not even showing, apparently I haven’t even played any games. The ping when you join on evently is shocking. The game shuts down regularly, get kicked from horde level 48 wtf!. Campaign collectables dissappearing, kicks you from that also,act 2 chapter 4 is glicthed.i wouldn’t mind if you could take a repreve from the horror of mp and go campaign but you can’t even do that. And then to top it off last night no achievements for coop campaign or difficulty? What the actual F
I’m gonna rage back to geara4 and gears pop call me when you have fixed it

I feel your pain. I don’t know where to turn. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for early access , I already had ultimate game pass. I feel sorry for all peeps that paid full bloody price for a broken product :weary:

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It’s ridiculous don’t even feel safe completing it as will it save? Lol and the achievements I’m disappointed with as although there is 68 where are the horde ones? Apart from leveling up characters