Guilded Weapon skins set challenge?

It listed as a 18 card set for card 11 but how do you earn it?No info on how to earn.

1 achievement from Gears 1,2,3,4,J and UE

Once you get 1 from each game it will pop up like the daily rewards do (thought if you had to get an achievement for a previous game it may take up to 24 hours to pop)



And here’s the site for info on all of them:

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I just completed this. Get 1 Achievement for every gears game.

Gears 1
Gears 2
Gears 3
Gears Judgement
Gears Ultimate
Gears 4

Any achievement counts. Easiest way to do it is to start Campaign and complete the first level. When you have an achievement for every game switch back to Gears 4 and you will see you unlocked the Gilded Skin.

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Theres plenty of info if you know where to look

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I just checked achievements and i didn’t relize until now i hadn’t got any ach’ment in g1 or g2 is it to late to get them?If not what are a couple of ach’ment that aren’t hard to get in each game.

Perfect active reload achievements are easy in both games