Guilded RAAM didn't unlock for me :_ ( Please help me, developers

I completed all three requirements for Guilded RAAM within the time alotted. I saw achievements for all of the other Road to Gears challenges except this one and completed every one except E-Sports Kait. All of my Re-ups were done after the E-Sports event needed for that Kait skin. I never saw an available uncompleted acheivement for RAAM, so I waited until launch for him. Now Gears 5 is working and all of my other unlocked popped-up within 15 minutes of starting the program.

“Ready for More, Learned the Hard Way, and Brothers Till the End” all unlocked on 7/19/2019. Unlocked “Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?” on 7/23/2019; “Please Sir, Can I have some more?” on 8/31/2019. I for sure earned well over 1,000,000 points in that time…

I just checked on YouTube, and apparently people were able to instantly utilize Guilded RAAM on Gears of War 4.

I grinded for more than a month and a half… I feel defeated and have been staring at my menu; I’m having trouble bringing myself to do anything at the moment…

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Thank you.


The Road to Gears tracker I couldn’t find before says I didn’t earn the 1,000,000 points. I don’t understand… Re-Up 10 was over 2,000,000 alone… I don’t see anywhere to post on the support site.

The 1 milllion points wasn’t retroactive, and it was ingame points, not exp.

Edit: Was a multiplier based off those values)

Earn 1 Million points (2x Versus Score or 1x Horde XP)

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That was the description you are correct (though it didn’t actually work that way, gave much more times for some reason)

the million points had nothing to do with the re ups. Sorry but it seems like you missed it

The Re-Ups were accomplished mainly via Horde XP. 1 XP point = 1point. Maybe because I played in SP…

Again the million points HAD nothing to do with re ups. That was something different. The challenge was get A MILLION POINTS IN VERSES OR HORDE

I think the issue here is that the OP didn’t know it wasn’t retroactive.

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versus or horde. I played horde.
This all happened within the second half of the Road to Gears. @GhostofDelta2

Yea you missed the Gilded RAAM

All this was before the gilded challenges were available

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The RAAM challenge was a pilot one that ended before the others started (6 June from memory).

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The tracker says I got the Re-up ten, and I didn’t do that until August 30th.

Then you definitely missed the cutoff date.

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The achievement was available between 3/21/19 to 6/9/19 sounds like you missed it


Closing as the question has been answered.