Guide to Horde Boss Rush (Insane)

It seems as though despite being a Horde mode game, people are jumping into this match with the wrong team. I see sometimes 2 snipers whose only benefit is marked damage and ping and unless you have an elite active sniper who can fire off a lot of shots per minute and has godlike thumb control with the right stick … they shouldn’t be here. They belong on Foundation where they have a nice corridor to work with shooting Scions.

I’m finding myself MVP on boss rush every time as I go into this in view of max damage. You Need 3 heavies to complete the Insane mode as sniper is useless and soldier for the most part is ok if hammer of dawn is used with a massive grenade focus each round and the RESUPPLY card as amp boxes need to go to heavies (pretty much like the whole Gears of Wat Sera mantra where most of the food is for gears who will fight instead of normal Serans)
The heavies need to go in with:

Damage combo (available at McDonald’s)
Level 6 Launcher Damage (obvious as bosses have a lot of health so max damage is key here)
Level 6 Berserker (the only ability that allows to climb up to 200% plus in damage which combats the 2.5x increase for bosses)

Level 6 Launcher Capacity - 19shots for drop shot at 225% extra damage and 18 for the Boomshot. Max damage plus max cap

Level 6 last Stand
This is the only card that gives the heavy 85% damage reduction - allows you to stay out more but also have near enough scout benefits to run out to rescue an engineer that misses being a heavy trying to boom shot people with no active reload and 5 rounds who should be at the base buying things

Level 6 Marked Damage -60% Damage extra
It kind of goes without saying but a heavy should always have this card as 60% damage extra is applied.

With these cards in total, the heavy can deal almost 3x the damage compared to anyone else if they have the right cards. Leave the ammo primarily for them.


  1. All we want is lockers and decoys.
  2. At the end of waves one and two, if the energy has been collected right, make two weapon lockers. The heavies should voluntarily kill themselves one at a time after placing their boom into the locker. This way by the time we reach level 2 and have two lockers, there is a total of 36 boomshots available plus the drop shots that come by at random.
    3, Best maps are in some cover as the Kesterel seems to come along after Wave 3 and maintain an appearance. I’m between battling ground units, the heavy should pop a shot off or two and give the kesterel some love from time to time. This may also disrupt the firing pattern and just about save one of your team who is under gattling gun fire.
  3. Active reloads are everything - failing this deprives you of optimal shots per minute, but also costs you time by jamming. Time is valuable when 2 carriers and 2 snatchers are headed your way.
  4. If the heavies get killed (assuming they are the most valuable due to max damage, the scout who has max damage resistance should be reviving them)
  5. Space decoys out so that a boss can’t destroy multiple at once. If you place a decoy then make sure you can see it or the distraction advantage is wasted and so is energy collected. The scout needs to collect the energy during the round also to recycle this energy for upgraded fabricators.
  6. If you find that team mates are dead around you, and there are 3 dead heavies and just you and the engineer, it is better to kill yourselves and fail the wave than try to be Rambo with no damage upgrades and 3 bosses. The infrastructure can’t be replaced with the energy in one round so die as quick as possible so that you all come back with max ammo again and an intact base.
  7. Ideally, invite people to a party. If you find people quit at wave 3 and you have 4 left who stay, stuck with it. If one more leaves, then send a message to the other 2 and if they have performed well make the effort to send them an invite to the next game by going to “RECENT PLAYERS” and sending them a message and game invite. Then at least you may he spawned with two other good guys who you haven’t met yet.
  8. The scout needs to be geared around damage resistance mostly. (Health regeneration, Max health 120%, Damage drop whilst roadie running, deposit bonus, speed increase) the scout usually is a shotgun mad, energy collection SOB but for this one, the scouts shotgun isn’t gonna do much against a carrier at the range needed with a shotgun and 36 rounds. One round with the heavies augmented stack will do the damage of 15 shotgun rounds that you’d be able to get off to a carrier without being picked up by it and mauled. The snatcher will just jump down and pounce and have you downed but not out.
  9. Engineer needs to go in with Overclock (100% ideal but is an epic skill which requires a lot of investment to level up). Praise the lord for all those level 6 overlock engineers… oh wait. Like me. But I like heavy-ing because of my accuracy and active reloading and drop shot obsession … even on kesterell. Anyway the 6 Engineer cards should be
  • Overclock or Build Cost at 12% (it you cant give me extra ammo fast, give me more stuff and things)
  • Weapon locker discount (50% at level 6) makes them 3000 to start.
  • Team Revive (last ditch) max discount makes reviving in bulk cheaper than 0, 2500, 5000. Think money here. (Energy)
  • Decoy Cost (makes em cheaper than Ramen Noodles… they would def make good decoys. Entice boss with dinner until the disappointment kicks in)
  • sentry cost. DOnt buy many unless there is a lot of money left over. Remember. Sentry ammo costs energy but the boom shot is free.
  1. When there is just one carrier left, don’t kill it if it’s not an immediate threat. The heavies should take advantage of this and reach furthest away ammo boxes and then stay there as it will come back when the next round starts. I see people grabbing the boxes at the end and running away forgetting that as soon as the points summaries disappear it will reappear as if David Cooperfield was responsible.

If anyone wants to join me, add me ( CarlosYabrudy) and I’ll always help out and not quit

So… it’s all other people’s fault and people must follow your rules to win insane boss rush? Sorry to soil your thread but I can’t stand when people do the know it all thing with horde because there’s not just one way to play it. You’re making it out to be way harder than it actually is. You don’t need any of that stuff, just competent teammates.

FYI, you greatly undervalue the potential a sniper can have. Marked damage can give EVERYONE 40% which just wrecks bosses. The Markza is absolutely brutal on bosses too because of the rate of fire, stacked with headshot, precision, and magic bullet. Keep an extra markza in a locker and you are going to annihilate bosses if you can land your shots. While I’m not big on having two snipers, the reason you’re losing is not two snipers. I haven’t played Horde in a couple months but was able to complete insane boss rush with two snipers. Sometimes two scouts. No engineer sometimes. And, in every match, one of our players was my friends sister who rarely ever plays and misses half the energy pickup as scout.

You don’t need all those rigid rules, just decent players who play their preferred roles well.



This guide isn’t meant to be the only way. It’s the simplest way to provide the maximum fire power to a single boss and will provide the largest amount of stopping power. The explosives provide more damage than a markza shot. The bosses don’t have heads … they have weak points.

The guide I have written is not supposed to be dictatorial but simply gives a tried and tested method for playing horde this way. I play horde day in day out. Speed runs, old school map placements, full upgrades since 2016.

Of course if you have some extremely competent guys who can snipe well, I’m for it but the dropshot can on a carrier do what other weapons can’t.

Some people love the heartbeat skins so I just wanted to help out the community :man_shrugging:t4: And if other players wanted to improve some, I’m cool to play with someone who wants to help out. It gives people other things to think about that help that aren’t so obvious like dying after placing weapons in a locker so you don’t have to buy another or find another.

it’s not even insane difficulty you prune if you open the scoreboard in-game it’s hardcore and the other difficulty is casual they just didnt bother to fix the menu

I was thinking the same thing when I saw this post on another thread. This dude completely disregards the sniper and how powerful he can be. Ill trade out the engineer for the sniper on this mode. All you need is 1 person running build cost. With the snipe doing radar ping every enemy killed while marked are dropping an extra 10% power. And @CarlosYabrudy you are really doubting the markza’s capabilities with the right cards.

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There are so many competent players on public horde, no?

Some yes, some no. I don’t play Horde often anymore but the last few months I’ve been really surprised at how competent the randoms were when I did play public. Makes sense when you consider most people still playing this game are diehard fans with a lot of reups.

Is funny because the quitters used to be mostly the new players. Now it’s the players who think they’re good and think they know the only way to play Horde. They tell people what classes to be, where to put the fabricator, etc. Things usually go easier after they leave.

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Is Radar Ping for this mode a joke? There’s like 5 guys. Mark them yourself for the power bonus.

At first I thought it was foolish but after wave 5 you appreciate the ping showing you the snatcher sneaking up from the flank and unless you’re using Mark Boost you cannot target more than one enemy at once.

Almost every game I’ve played, the Fad has 50K on wave 7 so spending 800 every wave is actually a pretty good investment.

There’s a number of benefits of using Radar Ping.

First of all radar ping lasts as long as the enemy is alive, so you don’t have to keep manually marking the same enemy when it wears off.

Second it stacks with Called Shot.

Third it marks everyone at once. Otherwise the Sniper would need Mark Boost to mark multiple enemies.

Fourth - it enables you and your team to see all targets from the start. You can prioritise targets depending on threat level.

Fifth - it reduces the likelihood of you being flanked by smaller targets if you know where everything is. Players are more likely to be distracted by the bosses and neglect the smaller enemies who could sneal up. You need to remember that all Drone sized Swarm will rush you when there is equal number of enemies left as players, and that could be earlier than expected.

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Again, what evidence that this stacks with called shot? It’s a different mark.

What card do you leave behind?

Why isn’t sniper killing drones while heavy focuses on boss? There’s not enough of them to justify pinging imo but more power to you if you need that to survive.

Alot of players have tested Radar Ping, and marked enemies take more damage and die quicker. It’s an animation error that causes the marked enemies from a Ping to show the normal marked icon above their heads.

The Sniper can kill Drones, I never said they can’t. Radar Ping enables everyone to see where everything is, and if anything helps the Sniper to choose and target the enemy more effectively. Given that Boss Rush only goes up to Hardcore, the damage buff from Called Shot is enough for the Sniper to deal a fair bit of damage per shot without having the other damage buff cards. I personally run:

Team Revive
Radar Ping
Called Shot
Sniper Strike
Magic Bullet

There was a thread about it awhile ago, When I run snipe I run it with Sniper strike, magic bullet, radar ping, called shot, and either team revive or headshot damage. As for the 5 guys, Theres always 5 guys playing and some people just don’t mark. And for the sniper not killing drones and what not maybe a boss spawned by the fab. What do you run as sniper???

Radar ping doesn’t give called shot. Heavy will get dmg boost because they’re marked. There’s a difference.

Is that your 5 card setup for boss rush? You’re bringing sniper strike? We may not need to chat anymore if so.

For boss rush, I’d say Mark Boost, Called Shot, Magic Bullet, PR damage, and either Ammo or Team Revive. Not enough heads to make explosion shot or head damage worth it over the dmg boost you get on bosses from others minus the swing card that’s more for utility.

Regular horde - Magic Bullet, Called Shot, PR damage, Headshot damage, exploding headshot

If you know you’re playing with a lot of power and plan to spam strikes later then maybe you can drop PR damage since that gives least benefit in total if you’re hitting your shots properly, but I still rather just kill stuff myself when I’m sniping.

Sniper strike has come in handy for me in Boss Rush. I played a few times and a couple people died and started getting real intense. 2/3 strikes and the round was over.

No, it doesn’t give. But they can be combined.

Doubt it? Test it.

I have, plenty. A round starts late in game when I’m using Embar as soldier. Sniper marks with CS. I one shot. They use ping. I don’t one shot.

It’s that easy to test. Try yourselves and stop wasting power.

Oh ok. I guess casual is just a little different.