Guest Characters

I stated months ago that Gears 5 should include guest characters. As the Coalition has now officially announced 4 guest characters, I think more will be added as Gears 5 gets post launch content. I personally hope to see Joanna Dark , Sergeant Johnson & Tartarus added as mp characters. Anyone else surprised by the inclusion of Kat and Emile from Halo:Reach ?

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Who isn’t surprised? But I doubt there’ll be more.

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Eh I’d rather see more gears characters tbh.


Well at this point they have to include the other noble team members in this game since we got 2 out of 6.

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I don’t want them too get too carried away, this is still Gears of War…not some Xbox equivalent of Super Smash Bros.


Wheres the Banjo crossover.

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Well they have to keep up with Fornite and their special guests they have had.

I could see Greyson Hunt (knock off Marcus) Ishi and Trishka fitting in well. Also their game is by PCF of course so there is history.
I agree with @GB6_Kazuya though. I want Gears to be Gears ideally.

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Just please no more rappers.


It makes me cringe even reading that here…


The pain :weary:

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At least Ice-T played a character.


I’m hoping most of the characters that were present in Gears 4 MP return. I want to see onyx guard, Prescott, Ezra, Sofia and Michael Barrick playable. I personally want boomers to be playable in PvP too…


I don’t mind one or two guest characters but I’m hoping Gears 5 Multiplayer isn’t going to be dominated by loads of guest characters.

4 guest characters is decent, if they plan to add more I am open minded but I hope they don’t get carried away. As long as they fit into Gears, I’ll be happy.

I think now’s a good time to add the majority of the characters from previous Gears titles into the game. Add true variety for all the fans.

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doubt it good idea only one who would fit is BJ from wolfinstine

I want Arnold, but with his most iconic lines not just stuff from Terminator

I doubt terminator should be in this game

Umm dude he’s been confirmed as a guest character since E3, where have you been?

I would rather jace over any character from a different franchise

There are so many good characters from the books and comics that need adding, i was hoping TC would not be as stingy as epic in this regard. They seem to have decided to go in another direction of loads of skins but mostly reskins with different colours.