Guest account lost all customization data

I noticed Lizzie was deselected. I go to my guest’s customize screen, and all my totems are erased, along with my skins. I basically lost everything on that account that isn’t the Re-Up.

All my used scrap and Iron hasn’t been restored, either. That account lost everything.

Go to the gears support site and write a ticket, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in a week or two

Guess that is the way to get help. Thanks. Hopefully it works.

Good luck, they usually respond go technical problems like these. Sorry I don’t have the link on hand but it’s on their twitter if you haven’t found it

Eh… no chance. Judging by other people’s experiences of the ticket/support system it will be much much longer unfortunately… :frowning:

Not exactly, I waited around 5 days for a response about gears 5 items not syncing and loading

Guess it’s luck but I once waited 23 days

I’ve been waiting for 2 months. Some people still waiting from queries from last October.

I’d just send another one after that
Took 2 weeks for my ticket about the forums to get acknowledged and I think it’s when they forced a senior mod out of their dungeon to put me off hold (I send 2 edgy jokes that got reported quick)

I used the help tab on the forums.

It came back. I don’t know if it was the ticket, or it just loaded back, but my guest customization is back.