Guessing stats are reset?

I seen the stats page was down looks like its fixed now but im at zero kills and wins now in Multiplayer at level 23

I’m at 25.

Just seeing if I’m reset after rebooting now …

Edit…mine is still messed

I hope we get are stats back but i have a feeling we won’t…

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I hope we get an option to reset.

Mine are total crap to be honest, due to being thrown in foreign servers, lag, disconnects, and not being able to rejoin so keeping deaths only etc …

I’d like a fresh stat start myself

I am still having this issue. My stats and collectibles are all at zero. Repeating problems with checkpoints not saving.

It says they’ve fixed this issue. But mine is still broken.

Yeah my stats have never tracked from day 1

Mine worked fine at first now it keeps fetching data…

Does anyone know when this issue going to be fixed… I don’t want to play if I’ll be getting no rewards for my trouble.