Guess The PVE Class!

This thread is part of a brand new original series where we post a weapon locker containing a randomer’s choice of weapons and we have to guess what the class is. :wink:

So this one features:

  1. Buzzkill
  2. Buzzkill
  3. Trishot
  4. Breaker Mace

@RelaxingKoty @GhostofDelta2 @AmicableWall421 you’re all wrong!

It was Veteran. :smiley:



I’ll guess Combat Medic

Pretty good idea for a thread as well.

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Possible guesses(I’ll offer three) :
Gunner with off-brand weapon taste and the Tri-Shot for boss waves
A Demo who doesn’t really care which class they play as

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I figured I had roughly a 1/19 chance of getting it right (yes the real-world stats are more complicated)

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I thought it was a grenadier

See, that would have been one of my secondary guesses, but I was like, “Nah, three is enough”. The reward I get for settling on modesty.

I have to give some respect for having a Mace. Thats a real man right there.

I don’t know what’s so weird about the locker, I mean Vet doesn’t really specialize in any of those weapons so obviously there’s no reason for them to be on their person

I think that’s the point of the post.

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I forgot to mention, they were also rotating a Dropshot and Claw. They were definitely using those weapons! :slight_smile:

Perhaps they wanted a challenge?

Today on master clocktower i seen an anchor tagging enemies with frags even though it was reduced explosives, they even dropped their markza, again 2x headshot damage.:man_shrugging:

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I mean. When people use weapons not suited to their classes, its almost impossible to tell.

I’ve seen marksmen using mulcher, and combat medic with shock spams. So…

Handy for stopping scions when ur team fail to see u spotted it and they continue to get closer.

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Theyre also very good at getting your CQC classes killed. Those damn blademasters stealing all my kills. Not on my watch.


You didn’t even give me a chance to vote ._.
I’d have guessed Infiltrator and/or CM though (because I saw those putting Buzzkills into lockers before). Veteran is new to me.

Had this on the checkout daily, i even put in chat saying dont shock the bosses right as wave 12 started on frenzy.

They still shocked the boss as i was using my ult😢