Guardians and Sentinels

Why are these enemies so overpowered? Freezing doesn’t always work. I’m getting tired of wiping late in the game because of these freaking enemies on Master.


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Hi @Dmbledore I gather you like Harry Potter :smile:

Yes it’s correct they are overpowered specially in higher difficulties as in MASTER. In this case my suggestion its that you use a JD leveled to 16 , with high damage cards , specially the " razor hail " skill card, so you can be able to use the lancer gl "freedom lancer " grenades and destroy it with ease.

By doing that you won’t have a problem my friend.

The key which alot of players forget, is to stay calm. Often everyone is firing at the Guardian or Sentinel’s shield which causes it to move around alot and makes it harder for JD to land a Lancer GL hit on it. It often pays to stay calm, wait for it to stop moving and let JD do his thing. Once after JD has applied the bleeding damage (and the shield is down) should everyone else pile in.

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My JD is maxed. I’ll try your tip.

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thanks man @Dmbledore without a doubt its gonna work :slight_smile: i’ve tried that myself

Artillery Ultimate on Guardian every wave is good strategy,

When both Sentinels near each other, try triggering Ultimate with Officer Prerogative would decimate them both from area of effect explosion. Kill two birds with one stone.

And consider upgrading Cooldown Perk purely for flyers.

A few tips I have for guardians/sentinels-

They appear ( Not always, but most of the time, perhaps 85%) on waves 7,8,9,10 (17,18,19,29,27,28…etc) for guardians, and 5th waves for sentinels (starting at 15, 25 next, etc. 33% chance split with the other 2 mini bosses for these waves),

Try to have not only a pre-designated cryo team member for them, but also a trishot or salvo team member. Either of these weapons will quite effectively wear down the shield- once the shield is down they are very unlikely to shoot- often opting to fly defensively, however beware as they can still shoot with the shield down if they are left alone!

The best strategy for these guys, is to make sure there is little to no area in your base where there is no blue turret range. You can check where these ranges lie in the tactical view mode with left bumper on default.

Any engineer in master should be prepared to make crossfire air defense turrets for specifically these enemies. They will keep the shield from regenerating when you need to hide/no one is able to fire at it, as well as their actual health pool. As well as control where they are likely to enter the base.

If you really know what you are doing, you can leave intentional blind spots in the blue light grid to bait them into a spot where you are prepared to deal with them. Perhaps a spot where you have great angles on it, or where jd is able to easily drop grenades.

For instance, basing up behind the wall on either end of bunker, with blue lights covering the entire wall across, however allowing a blind spot to the right side, will nearly guarentee it will rush to the right side where there is no blue light. This allows for a predictable engagement, as well as forces it to dodge less, as it will actively attempt to avoid being inside turret range.

As mentioned above by another forum member, they respond to fire. They aggro easily too- so, it is a great Idea to coordinate with the team on WHEN to attempt to kill it, instead of everyone bouncing it around like crazy.

Try marking them as early as possible, but of course this one is common sense.

If you can, try to keep them back, and out of the base as long as possible. Often times they will try to bumrush any area you don’t have blue turret light covering in the base for an offensive position. Unless you are preparing for this as a strategy as stated above- it can cause the team to have to react and kill this enemy very early in waves. This offers the enemy the potential to send another in the same wave, which can be devastating as the entire team is less likely to expect it/more likely to get caught with their guard down.

If you have a jack, try to set up a spot where they can take good cover and keep a permanent beam on a damage dealer, or tri-shotter.

They don’t seem to know when someone is being heal beamed, and respond pretty indiscriminately to player fire, so it can be easy to control them with this tactic.

Flashbangs, and shocks.

Flashbangs will not knock out their shield, but it will stun them in the air making them immobile/disarmed for around ~4-5 seconds. If you can identify where they will attempt to bumrush the base, try planting some protective flashes. They can reach them a surprising height off the ground, but often they can also be too high to be affected.

Shock grenades are your best friends with these guys. It may be counter-intuitive, but if you can land a shock underneath it, the shock can knock out its shield/stun it for ~1-2 seconds.

The height at which this can affect it is surprisingly forgiving, as long as the AoE of the shock detonates under them. It will have no effect if it detonates somewhere else, and they pass through it.

Good idea to notify any team mate with a 7 grenade capacity to load up shocks/flashes before the guardian/sentinel waves.

Decoys can help delay them, and jack can support the decoy for extra time, but often they will simply blow through the decoys health, and sentinels may altogether ignore a decoy.

They react differently to different types and hit location of gunfire.

For instance shooting it’s shield has a smaller aggro on it than shooting its actual mechanical body. Shots or explosions that cause damage are high aggro priority, and will often immediately aggro them to the player causing the bleed as well as cause them to operate defensively right after the bleed.

Whoever has aggro of the guardian must be very careful. They have a similar mechanic to the swarmak wherein if you have aggro, and break line of sight- they may attempt to bumrush you unless you have a strong turret grid, and sometimes even then they will do so (usually leading to their death in a crossfire of mg turrets, if you have that set up).

Lizzie is basically capable of making chew toys out of both these enemy types.

The guardians can fire constantly, but because their gun is still a trishot, there will be breaks in their fire when they have fired for too long. It’s small, but if you can recognize the window- it can be a great chance to reposition defensively or offensively.

My best suggestion is to start setting up your anti-air turrets as early as wave 23-24 to prepare for wave 25 sentinels/potential 27-30 guardians assuming you have deebees here.

If you get deebees during 10-20 I suggest setting these up at around wave 14-15. Wave 15 sentinel is not so bad, as it almost always sends a single sentinel. I do not know if I have actually ever seen wave 15 sentinels send two at once. Perhaps 2 in a wave, if you kill the single one fast enough. Wave 25 sometimes sends 1. 35/45 will always send 2 or more.

Wave 35/45 sentinels, same as guardians. You want to defend and hold out until some enemy bar is drained so as not to spawn more.

Sentinels will fire in salvos of 4 at a time similar to salvo scions in escape, and dr1 devastators.

You can effectively time your dodges if you are really good with the movement system by paying careful attention to their fire timing. This becomes more difficult at wave 20+ due to the increased accuracy mods, but is still very doable.

It’s also a good idea to advise the team to conserve their ultimates for the appearance of these baddies.

Smoke grenades- It can be a good idea to keep a designated reviver holding smokes. The best way to use them is to smoke an area where your team can crawl too- and try to get into the smoke to revive. To my knowledge they won’t shoot into the smoke assuming the coverage is good. It’s a good idea to use your second once you make it to the smoke, because they only last a handful of seconds, maybe 7-10.

I recommend opting for shocks first, flashes second, and smokes third.

Cog gear can hard counter their wipes as well, great 5th to have for these guys, but it won’t do much good if they get a strong position in the air behind the team where no turrets are covering.

Try to remember where and on which bases they can find these position, and attempt to have turrets covering those positions.

Best weapons for taking down the shield /damaging them imo are the claw and overkill if you have no heavies available/have to abandon the heavies to maneuver defensively.

The torque bow can be extremely useful against these enemies, as it can be quite easy to slip hits past the shield, and every hit with this weapon on the mechanical body of these enemies will cause them to stagger in the air- also disarming them for ~1-2 seconds.

More effective for guardian as the trishot also has a 1~ second ramp up. The sentinels will often fire salvos immediately following the stagger.

If you have a del with stim healing leveled up some on the team, he can use the forge as a decoy against their fire. healing it as he tanks them to give the team an opening. Simply attack them and get the aggro, dodge, and start repairing, or start repairing mid team wipe and attempt to hold the line this way. It may give the team much needed repair time.

Jack, if he is not heal beaming, should wait to dive in and out of stealth for safely positioned revives if possible.

Guardians will attempt to execute downed players if they are not being provoked by any other player, and sentinels will attempt to do so regardless.

It is paramount to revive each other quickly against these enemies, and doubly so with sentinels.

Sarah conner’s, and to a lesser extent jd/keegans frags can be extremely effective at damaging/blowing out the shield as well as damaging the sentinel itself. Sarah has 100% increased radius, so she is very likely to knock out the shield with well timed/placed throws, however jd/keegan can get some heavy bleeds on them with the shield up even though it is harder to hit them without the radius boost. I still recommend shocks>flashes>smokes before frags for these two in these situations, although I have seen jd successfully handle these enemies with his frags as well.

Most times, I pick my 5th team member as a hard counter to the flying enemies. They are simply that much of a risk to the run that they merit a character pick dedicated to them.

I suggest in order of effectiveness Lizzie (silverback, almost a hard counter) > Sarah (Frags that can blow out the shield very effectively, a stopping power card to make staggering them in the air easier, and obviously 40 rockets in the salvos) > CoG gear (Team revive. OP!) > Kat (Hologram can almost guarentee to prevent a wipe if things get bad with these enemies. It will force their aggro 85%+ of the time [rough estimate], allowing for a team regroup/offensive window) > Emile (Dropshield can save the team mid wipe. I have seen it many times, but once it goes down you are likely in the same position you were in moments ago. It can often be ineffective even if reviving the entire team, because you are now all stuck together in front of the flying enemies).

As a note- Bairds DR1 can be an effective decoy, but it will get nearly insta gibbed by sentinels past 30 due to the increased damage mods (and sometimes guardians too, but this window of oppurtunity can be used defensively or offensively to great effect. I would place kat above baird at this specific application, but baird is more likely to be a main engineer while kat is support. Use them in tandem for great effect.

A note on their shields. It would seem it is very difficult to get a shield down with a single player alone. Try to coordinate with your team on the shield. If you notice a teammate going for it, try to help. They almost certainly won’t get it alone very quickly, even with a trishot or salvo.

2 teammates with appropriate weapons should knock out the shield within 4-7 seconds, with 3 people or turrets in the mix, even less.

I think that’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if you have issues none of this applies to and I’ll try to come up with something.


Thanks PuP.

BTW: Just failed on wave 45 because of the Guardians but I’m not upset because I played with randoms who were ReUp 2 to 7 compared to my Reup 17. I really didn’t expect to make it that far.

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Come on mate they are not that bad??? Me and you handled them alright most of the time lol

True. When we get a chance to play together we have a good team that communicates. High level randoms fail most of the times because nobody has a mic as cheap as they are,


They’re not overpowered. You’re playing on Master, it’s meant to be a challenge.

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Failed . Again. On wave 40 with the Flock after surviving previous 3 waves with them. Everyone communicated and know what they were doing.

The last 5 matches I failed because of these f…ers. WOW. Just WOW.

Just play with jack, place sentries inside base just for the sentinels and guardians.

Your response is supposed to be a joke right?

It’s the one enemy that gets me the most . I hope I’m lucky and don’t get them to much in master games

Not sure if somebody already gave this tip for Sentinels and Guardians;

If she manage to get close behind or even under them, Kait using a maxed Gnasher Card,
Bloodresonace, Laceration and Shotgun Perk (Perk only needed for High-Waves of course) she can take them out in 2-3 active shots. 150%Bloodresonace+25%Gnasher
+25%Active+20%Shotgun Perk = 220% DMG

To be able to do this you got to be patient first and aggressive at the right Time, when a Sentinel rushes in wait until its not focusing on you then quickly rush it while loading your Gnasher with active-bullets and shoot it. Another way to get rid of one is to Cloak get under it, reload - shoot actives. Needless to say that one of your Teammates should freeze it a lil bit first.

Theres a Reason she has a Gnasher Card USE IT.


IMO You don’t need the gnasher card to take the advice you laid out.

I didn’t mention it in my reply as I wanted to showcase every option outside of jd/kait, but you are correct. An offensive use of cloak allows for you to sneak up on them and effectively 2-3 shot.

I prefer the overkill for this purpose, but to each their own.

You only lose 10% damage or so without the card, since your other sources of dmg will add up to 200% without it. Not that bad, and cloak battery/blood drain/shotgun speed loaders will make your cloak able to mop up the drones around so you are safe during your assault on the guardian as well as making sure you don’t miss the key timing on the active reload at the end of the cloak.

Good tactic all around.

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I completed Master runs on Exhibit and Icebound playing as Baird. I built boatloads of Sentries and that took care of the Guardians and Sentinels.

Now I need to do Vasgar and that will be a challenge because there’s not much room for that many Sentries.

I will be happy to help you with vasgar, but without baird. I like the challenge, and I have a better build than the tiny space at the top of the stairs :smiley:

A single, well aimed and timed dropshot “headshot” will kill a flyer, no problem, no need to deal with the shields…

Ohh, wait, no, that’s Gears of War 4, where Dropshot headshots meant something and anyone, any class could contribute with a Drop…

Never mind, yes, JD with Langer GL, that’s a much better option, thanks, TC!

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