Guardian Wins as leader

Ive said it before, and I will keep saying it until a change is made. More points and focus needs to be had on players who win the round as leader. The entire objective to winning is NOT dying. If leader survives, he is the reason why the team didn’t lose.

It is frustrating getting negative points after a guardian match when I survive as leader because I maybe only got 2 kills when everyone else got 10 kills in the hunt.

You should always get +300 with a win and you are alive as leader, regardless of K/D


That just means you have to kill more as leader… hit that K/D of 7 my man!


Just kidding… I only played 1 match.

You’re point is solid, if leader needs to play more carefully on Guardian because they don’t have countless respawns… then points for survival should matter more than they do currently. Needs to be balanced with the slayer on the team as well because the workhouse harvesting all those kills needs rewarding too.

I’m a firm believer in minor point reductions for deaths in everything except KOTH.

While we are at it, cap and break increases in KOTH are desperately needed.


I’m 4.0 as leader and I do get a fair few kills as leader but I see your point totally-more points should be given to a leader who survives as this is the whole point of the game not the leader being a hero or mowing down the fodder who push him. Too many dummies in this game mode trying to point score as leader and ruining the game for the team by getting killed early in rounds…

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Solid work there!

I’m glad you get my point though. You’re right, it may change game play as leader to be more conservative.

I agree with other post as well. Players who do have solid K/Ds and a lot of kills on the hunt should most definitely be rewarded.

I was focused more on the single round. If leader survives with a win for that 1 round, extra points should be rewarded for that round. Now you can still go negative overall if you lose the match. But for that one round, should be positive.