Guardian Waiting time too long

I tried at different hours GMT time (morning and evening) but even after 8mn waiting the matchmaking is still processing.
This morning I tried to wait 10mn (it was saying less than 5mn) and still no game.
Is it the same for you ? At which time (GMT) is it quicker to find versus Guardian ?

I’m European and I can’t find a match in any mode.
It’s weird because I usually find matches within minutes.

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Ok thanks. At least i know now it is not something personal ! I will test other modes (outside ranked).
I wish I could play one day at guardian because I miss some medals linked to that mode.

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Finally matchmaking execution 2.0 after 5mn (started 3 vs 2). Just to figure out that I was too weak at PVP lol. Some reup lower than 5 wall bounce and wrap shot … i have been crushed.

Nevertheless there is a serious problem on player base for Quickplay

its like the game is dying or somthing :thinking:

Find guardian in no time here in the U.K.

Anyone who’s anyone plays guardian

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Thanks. It seems to be the good time to try