Guardian Spawns are terrible

When enemies spawn right beside you…

Or under the map

Yeah this is just bad

OK funny enough, your GT is super familiar and I’m 90% sure I killed you because of a spawn a couple hours ago.

I spawned right next to you (COG) and behind your cover when you were near my Swarm Leader, using spawn protection I just chainsawed you. I felt really bad because I was invincible and you were about to kill my Leader. I even stopped playing for a moment after the kill and said to my friend “what kind of spawn was that? If I was him, I’d be raging”.

TL;DR: spawns are a shitshow

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No that wasn’t me but something similar happened where the enemy spawned right beside as I was going after their leader. I was on the swarm team and about to throw an incendiary at the leader but nope cause someone spawned right beside me and blasted me. Like come TC this is just bad

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If you are close to the enemy leader expect enemies to spawn there, the spawns on koth were changed in gears 4 so you spawn on your own leader.

Not entirely true.

Gears 4 had it so if you were fighting the enemy leader, the enemy team spawns elsewhere.

If they brought this back to Gears 5, guardian would pretty much be perfect.

I cant stand finally getting to the leader to have 3 enemies I just killed spawn with spawn protection right on me and kill me.

Smokes and flashbangs have pretty much eliminated “hiding in spawn” tactic with teams pretty much losing if they do this. Which is a plus IMO