Guardian Spawn Swap

Why are there spawn swaps in Guardian? It literally destroys the point and the fun of that game mode of figuring out how many should play offense or defense. If you want run and gun play another mode or CoD. The fun of trying to get into someone’s “base” or defend one was the entire point since gears 2. One more broken decision from this franchise.

Hey @VbfSlayer thanks for the feedback. Gears 2 (and 3) used spawn flipping as well. We tried spawn flipping disabled for a period of time, but quickly learned that the leader could cause the match to stalemate very easily by refusing to leave spawn. This caused matches to drag on for almost an hour in some cases.

Without spawn flipping, the meta for basically every map is to stay in spawn. This gameplay can be very unenjoyable for both the leader and the enemies trying to reach them. In general we would prefer that players have multiple viable strategies per map, and that no one player (the leader) should have to sacrifice their enjoyment of the match to guarantee victory.


I don’t doubt your explanation one bit, as everything you said is true and makes sense.

However, from an achievement hunter’s perspective, the timing of this change was very fishy considering the 100,000 versus kills, 50,000 versus assists, and 100,000,000 versus damage achievements had just come out and a method for getting them very fast that was dependent on the non-spawn swapping of guardian was posted.


From someone who’s played guardian religiously I don’t mind it to be fair, keeps people on their toes

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I dont mind the spawn swapping as it can be an ideal way to kill the leader when they try to swap sides, the spotting ability that was added was a good way of giving leader something to do in a match as is was quite boring before.

One thing i would like to see change is the ability to spot the leader, can this get removed as all it does is make ppl bum rush the leader and if 2 or 3 ppl go for leader they have no chance of survival.

Also in previous games we could tag 2 frags and u couldnt see them through tac-com, this was one of the best ways that a leader could hold their own.

Think back to pavilion or jacinto in gears 2, the spawns could swap yet leader could still stay at the frag spawn and stay alive with ease, but in gears 5 pvp meta frag tags are basically useless as everyone can see them.

Perhaps u could add more abilitys for the leader and they could choose 1 abilty they would like to use before the round starts,…:thinking:

I belive the spawn swap issue was talked about on a few of the dev streams before they achievements came out.

Definitely agree with not being able to tag the leader actually

They should be as hard to find as possible

Everything else is great on Guardian and you still get those fantastic clutch moments

Maybe fun for you, but not everyone else. Guardian has been my main mode since Gears of War 2 and I’ve always despised the leaders that sit in spawn all match, leading to 45+ minute endeavors. Trying to push your way through a lancer wall with leaders that now have x-ray vision would’ve been a nightmare.

Also, figuring out how the spawn flips work and when to move isnt exactly rocket science. About 80 seconds into the round they’ll flip, so perhaps around 70 it’d be a good idea to start moving out of your hidey hole. Forces you to constantly be aware of enemies position and move tactically throughout the map to regroup with your team. It also creates great opportunities to sandwich the opposing leader who decided to not leave the spawn in time.

I understand how it works and when it happens, but my point still stands, to me the most fun part of Guardian was the tactical part of do we push to go offense or fall back to defend our leader. It’s the closest thing to a capture the flag mode this game has. Playing defense at a set point is a lot of fun, especially if all five players are on mic. If it’s a bunch of randoms and you are just trying to rack up achievements, I get it. But when you are doing it for the gameplay and want that challenge it messed up a lot of it. Some maps it isn’t an issue, like River, because you don’t hold up in the spawn typically. But maps like Clocktower, it does. Just my opinion, and those I’ve talked to opinions that the spawn swap took away what a lot of people (that I’ve discussed it with at least) liked about this game mode.

Maybe another suggestion then would be to turn off spawn protection when you swap, or at least limit it so they can’t insta die from a planted grenade. It is there to avoid spawn camping, which isn’t the case when they swap. If the leader is at spawn and spawns swap, they can’t defend themselves, their only option is to run.

That issue of matches dragging for too long was real, I don’t want to deny it. But it wasn’t caused by the Guardian respawn rules but rather by the skill of the players.

If your team was quicker and won fights with a good leader, you were basically taking control of the map. In my experience, the games where the leader was camping at spawn were the easiest ones when I played with decent players. I never had a stalemate in Guardian and as the leader I was never camping at spawn.
Gears of War 4 Guardian was (is) very good.

So I think this illustrates perfecly the situation with Gears 5. They have to adapt to the playerbase.

I found it incredibly boring staying in the same area. Just my two cents

Not a camping bone in my body… so I love it.

Not that it would happen, but you have game type settings for many of the specifics would it be feasible to put a setting in there to turn off spawn swapping for the private matches?

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