Guardian ping shocking why?

How come when i play koth or tdm my ping is like 25 to 30 and then when i play guardian my ping is always like 120?, so annoying im diamond 2 on koth and tdm so wanted to play other game modes to try get diamond in them and i can’t play properly because the connection and my ping is shocking

Matchmaking and unsuitable ping variation has always been problematic in gears particularly because much of pvp is up close and personal. Gnashers highlight this issue; you shoot a guy square in the face and then die to be told you did zero damage. I have no trust in player rank as a result. Diamond is of course a high kudos rank until you factor in that many players “achieve” it by fraudulently stacking the game in their favour. The coalition haven’t addressed matchmaking yet again; in fact they’ve made it worse. Nowadays you can’t even get a full squad of human beings in random horde. I would rather wait a few minutes than end up with 3 AI soldiers.

I mean i dont know the population in Guardian, but that could be the issue.

I think the population is low on guardian. I’ve taken a break recently from gears but when I was on it last week it was so hard to find a game of guardian. Players will always be on tdm and Koth so you have a better population for the game to find suitable opponents which in turn means a better connection.

It’s a pity because over the years guardian was a good game mode. Most of the kids and casuals coming on board now in the TC era just want tdm or ring cap modes…execution and guardian are dead on gears 5. Hard to believe execution used to be the premium game mode…

harder to find games in guardian so matchmaking has to look further out to find a game, would be my guess…

but 120ms is kinda extreme, if you’re in north america that would put you on an EU server at least, maybe even further… (Brazil? Closer Geographically, further network wise)?

where the technology to get 84ms across the whole world yet? we got this FTL B stream services that you look up the stats for the video is still 300ms delay. i guess thats better than 15 seconds.

but there was a test that said the fastest ping across the whole world is 84ms or something like that. I want to know what connection they had to test and when can we get it.