Guardian on blood drive, name a more iconic duo... I’ll wait

It’s been a favourite of mine ever since gears 2. But gears 4 has taken the map to a whole new level of greatness.

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a few hours to kill, loading up gears, and playing exactly one game. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face more than seeing the boys go out there a donate copious amounts of blood, not killing anyone like the pacifists they must be. I love seeing leaders create innovative new strategies on this map, like standing at the top of the stairs, but on the right side or standing in spawn, but with a smoke on the door. Just picking the map gets people excited, shouting battle cries like: “Who’s voting for blood drive!?” or ”If we get blood drive I’m taking the ban.”

If there’s one thing I want for gears 5, it’s for guardian on blood drive to return.



We like it on KOTH…

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Yeah bro specially koth

As I mentioned recently, I’ve had more than one 7 round Guardian game on this map.

Notably, I also had a 42 minute dodgeball (yes, I timed it. had plenty of time to do so). I have a friend who, every time we play gears, says, “remember that dodgeball on blood drive?..”


Had a Arms Race match the other day that lasted nearly an hour…


His post obviously was obviously sarcasm and I’m hoping yours is too because blood drive can eat a hole bowl of ■■■■■ in KOTH.

Nothing better than an entire team fighting to get out a window in a race to get to frags or sniper while no one else tries to cap the ring.

One TDM match in that map took over 40 minutes, five rounds. Camp Drive map is the most cancerous map in any mode.

I would play blood drive over checkout

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I only wish I could have been there myself, seven rounds in this glorious map might as well be seven rounds in heaven!

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It’s a special feeling when you tell yourself, “if I could only get a nade into that spawn window…”
Then you do! But no dice.
Like pushing a stone to the top of a hill, and it rolls back down.

Can’t wait for Blood Drive to be DLC in Gears 5. I’m going to start camping right now to get ready for it.


Wingman on River


Master chief and arbiter

LOL have you tried grdilock… iconic gears 1 map… utterly useless

I don’t wanna see Blood Drive in Gears 5. If they do include it they might as well call the game Gears 5: Blood Drive :rofl:

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What about Gears 5 : check out?

Multiplayer maps normally take design cues from campaign levels.

-Blooddrive almost fits if you consider that brief stint of walking through the hospital/ maternity ward in the campaign. (Still a bad map)
-Canals, Checkout, Clocktower, Hotel, Diner, Drydock, Fuel Depot, Gridlock, Mercy, Oldtown, Rustlung, Security, The Slab all flat out do not fit with the game at all.
-Warmachine could work if they had re-skinned it to look more like the mountain trolly car part of the story.
-Raven Down would have been better incorporated as either the Kestrel Down in the ravine, or as Baird’s Raven in the campaign with the swarm leviathan’s red-rectum themed environment.

Everyone votes for it so they should definitely give it it’s own game. Then, people won’t be able to complain about Judgement being the worst in the series.

cough, cough Guardian on Jacinto cough


Guardian sucks in GoW4

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So Guardian is better on Gears 3? What’s the difference?