Guardian not in Coop AI?

Would like to knock out the 25 kills as leader without the need to be stupid as leader against real people. Did they take it out of the mode rotation in AI because i havent seen it all week when doing daily challenges?

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It’s there, no one votes for it though.

Shes still there but when she appears good luck getting anyone to vote on it. Been at it since the beginning of OP 5 and still havent managed to get a game in.

Ight…i mean i am usually the only vote so i have faith if it shows i can sway the vote.

Never seen more than 3 votes

You could always queue up with 3 controllers. Just make sure you move them every 2-3 minutes.

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Not that worried.

For me it is KOTH, TDM or Gridiron in Versus A.I.
Sooo… Where is Guardian, Dodgeball and Arms Race in Versus A.I.!? :cry:


Those are all i have seen as well which is why i asked. I am fine with doing away with modes if they dont have medals tied to it in the versus category. Dont make people play in certain ways unless its in the ranked category.

I’m not convinced it is, I have seen alot of polls now and I never saw a guardian game even come up for vote.
My theory is they removed Girdion from the quickplay list but by accident removed guardian from the vs AI list lol.

A buddy of mine played it like 2 days ago for the “new” medal.

Must have been me unlucky then.
In the end it was easier to finish up in normal quick play with a bit of luck of getting to be the guardian.

I’ve not seen it pop at at all so far in Op 6. Not even as a voting option despite me mixing up the modes I play (KOTH, TDM, Gridiron).

It’s not in Ranked either, which is even more appalling

In all seriousness tho, I actually knocked this one out naturally last Op, had it done before I even noticed it in the Medals lmao

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The medal was changed in the prior operation to the guardian medal. It was initially getting denials or touchdowns (one or the other) in gridiron. So you may have gotten progress in gridiron towards those and that finished or carried over as progress when they updated the medal.

Its been off and on 3 months of playing for me at this point…pretty sure guardian is not in coop vs ai at this point. Nobody is that unlucky to not even see it once in voting.

Nah I haven’t played Gridiron since Op 4. Don’t play Co-Op vs AI and don’t have enough people to play it privately in customs, so def not gonna do it with 9 bots lol talk about a boring game…

But nah I mainly play Guardian, you’re right it may have said Gridiron at 1st so that’s why I didn’t notice it but when it did get changed I got the 25 kills before I even noticed they had that medal. Just natural for how often I play it.

PS they had Gridiron before changing it to Guardian 2 Ops in a row? Lmao like I know they did this time… unless you was mistaken me talking about getting that medal done in Op 5 as This Op.

Edit: I lied, I did play it in Op 5, during SuperBowl week when it was an event lol but ya that’s it.

To the OP:

Just play Guardian!!!

Long Live Guardian!!!

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I’ve always liked Guardian. Definitely my favourite mode overall across the series.

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35 kills as the leader in guardian is a lot. First you need to get lucky to be the leader and unless you are good might get a couple of kills as leader and might not even get a kill maybe assists sometime. Think when i was leader got one kill. Out of all the modes they pick a medal tied to guardian. If it was 35 eliminations its one thing but kills people steal kill and i don’t like as leader to get it the face of people with a gnaster because if you miss your shot or hit him and the trash gnaster register 25% or 90% up close i got some low hits when it should of been one shot and kill. Guess you only hope is boom or frags power weapons can get it for you because relying on the gnaster going to be dreadful.

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Keep seeing people say get lucky to be leader, I don’t get it lol Then again it’s very rare I play a game without killing leader at least once (2 or 3 times a lot of times) even when my team gets swept 4-0, I’m getting that damn leader once before it’s over damnit lol As for the other part ya I get that. I still get em, but I also don’t go out looking for kills, I have always been a reliable leader, not saying I never die, but definitely play it smart and survive as leader way more often than I die.

These two medals suck. They just suck. I’m terrible at and hate PvP, and I’m essentially locked out of 6,000 coins because there’s no way I will ever be able to get so many kills as leader. Actually, it’s more like 11,000 coins because that Double ribbon in 2v2 Gnashers is also beyond me. This feels like a middle finger pointed straight at me and all PvE players.

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