Guardian mode should be removed from Quickmatch

I believe Guardian should be removed from the Quickmatch playlist, due to the fact that not only it takes a good amount of team work (people in quickmatch probably aren’t going to use teamwork) and the matches can go on for really long times. It becomes frustrating when you’re actually trying to win and your team is just doing whatever they want, so to fix this, Guardian shouldn’t even be on Quickmatch at all, thoughts?

Play with friends? Not randoms.

This thread should be burned, buried, and never spoken about again.
Shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Social only allows you to play with one friend.

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Yes, indeed.


that’s crazy

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Social is a very casual mode and I hate it when people try to make it sweaty. I won’t even lancer in social unless someone annoys me. Guardian is my favorite mode and playing it in social is a blast. Less sweaty. You can run crazy strats. If you lose, who cares?

I played a great one last night where I was carrying a bunch of lower skilled randoms and I wasn’t going to give them a free ride so after I killed the leader (and pretty much the whole team by myself) I’d rush out the next round as leader and if the team wanted to win they were going to have to rush with me. Of course they camped in spawn and watched me die. Lol.
I lost and had a ton of fun anyway, and got an MVP ribbon. I didn’t belong in that lobby but playing carelessly is my way of evening it out so I’m not bullying. Social shouldn’t be sweaty.


I don’t even try playing casual quickmatch seriously, but I tend to play a little bit more on the sweaty side, definitely its just in me by now maybe, but it can also be not so fun if the opposing team is actually being super serious, and if its Guardian, then the match goes on forever.

Please stop saying that…it’s getting on my nerves :neutral_face:


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Ok. Play with 1 friend? Not randoms.:roll_eyes:

a friend*

The brilliant minds at TC decided multiple friends aren’t allowed in SOCIAL.

I Literally only play social because I’m usually by myself. I definitely notice the unfair difference when going against white, green or blue ranks, but there’s actually quite a few Re-up 10s or just people who generally know what their doing to a certain degree. There’s alot of times where I feel like I’m overly skilled for social but plenty of other times where its equal or slightly over. The best word to describe social would be inconsistent.

With Rank it feels like I’m always going against 5 dwayne johnson’s. If I’m really lucky I’ll get 5 dwayne johnson on steroids. never inbetween…

I like ranked better because you get to play with people of similar skill (though, I’ll admit lower ranked players often get screwed).
I went into a social yesterday and got there in time to be left alone in a clutch situation after the team all died. These three got outplayed so easily that I literally got embarrassed and left because I hate feeling like a bully.
Ranked is tough but that’s why I like it. Social is cool if I’m not on my game and just want to chill.

I’m all for going against people of my skill range or even higher but I’m just saying I don’t enjoy it when the odds are unfair. 5 coordinated decent players can really demotivate you when you’re pinned in situations out of your control. I’m okay with losing due to my lack of skill but losing because the other team is abusing core tuning is tiresome.

I seriously hate to keep beating this beyond dead horse but a solution to solo/duel queue would be nice. People won’t even pick me on up LFGs because I’m on PC lol.

yeah, that’s the theory, except when the player population shrinks to the point where teams made up of “1 Onyx3, 1 Onux1, 1 Gold2, 1 Silver 3, 1 Bronze2” are the average, haha… (this is what we were seeing at the end of the last season)… Maybe this season will be better…

Could you refer me to the guide which explains what is “ok” to do, and where the line which crosses into “abusing” is located? I’m curious, since other people have mentioned this too… This must have been excluded from my copy of Gears 4, apparently… Thanks!

No reason to get triggered. It is clear as day that the damage in core is absurd and if utilized properly can be dangerously unstoppable. I’m diving in sensitive area here so I’ll stop while I’m behind, but I just want to split these kind of queues up. It wouldn’t hurt to try, considering we have a playlist for freaking arms race.

No trigger, lol, I am just curious… You made a statement, I asked for a clarification :wink:

I do find the gnasher’s 2 shot down range a little excessive for the type of terrain and cover, but I wouldn’t consider using that “abuse”… That’s just how it’s setup…

Using something that others consider OP isn’t abusing it…

There might be a fine like between

  • I hate Core, it’s. OP


  • I hate how people abuse Core

But the latter annoys me because it attacks how people choose to play, whereas I don’t disagree with the former…