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Guardian is TERRIBLE

Seriously, this is horrible. Not only does nobody know where the leader is and the leader isn’t useful outside of surviving, you also SPAWN ON THEM.

Half the time when I’m leader I just hide away. If someone finds me, I just wait for a teammate to spawn on me with invincibility. Hell, it’s a mess when two enemy leaders are close to each other.

This is terrible. Literally no design decision makes sense. The spawns. The hidden leaders. Nothing. I miss the days of Gears 2 and 3. They had good guardian modes.

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Guardians has always been my favorite game type and I really haven’t found any problems with it yet. Leader has always been the spawn point for team and leader can also see all players on map. Just look at where they’re spewing from and that’s where the leader will be. That nailed guardian imo just like four and all the others before it.

Side note gears three had capture the leader and that was poop imo

Oh yeah I totally forgot about that capture crap. But they added guardian eventually, didn’t they?

I disagree with the spawns. If you want to kill the leader, you are forced to rush them because teammates will spawn on him soon. It’s ridiculous. I don’t believe there’s any reason for it, and as far as I remember it hasn’t always been this way.


The spawn timer is kinda long though and it’s team spawning. It’s about pushing the enemy back and forcing the leader out of their comfort zone to get the kill.if you don’t have people spawn on leader then you’re just encouraging the leader to sit in the spawn anyway which causes stalemates. Trust me blood drive matches went on forever sometimes

I think my issue was more of a map issue. We was pushing the enemy team i to there base. I died then couldnt find my leader for like 2 minutes

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Try using tacom to locate team members and see marked enemies might help you get confused less. I know it helps me from time to time :+1:t3:

How does it differ from 4? I really liked Guardian in 4. The OP’s criticisms could apply to 4 but if you know the rules of the game, it’s not really chaotic at all. It’s a very strategic mode.

Agreed so much better than the one we have now. They should just remove the mode it’ll never be as good as it was

I miss G3 guardian where the leader could tac com and see everyone in the game…

Pretty much this, along with different spawns is all I want.

I know how to play this Guardian, I just don’t like it. It’s boring and just plain weird.

Guardian hasn’t been good since 2. 3 only had it’s moments. That’s all.