Guardian is broken?

Every Match of GUARDIAN I’ve played has resulted in a stalemate and a random win both right as soon as the match starts, also the characters were not showing up. The game then proceeded to load the next game and repeat. Has anyone else been having this issue? I know it wasnt just me in game because the chat was commenting a lot on what was going on everytime too.

I haven’t got on yet today but I’ve experienced the 1st part of that a few times… usually if I was still up around 4am it’d sometimes do that the 1st round where everyone is invisible it’d stalemate… but then it’d carry on normal the rest of the game… thus just the 1st part, but like I said not been on yet today.

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Played some today and it was fine. Maybe all the downloads stressed it for you?

Long Live Guardian!!!


Happens in every social mode, think its to do with when ppl join the match when its loading a “new” map.

Been like this since op4 started.

Enjoying the new spawn swaps now it auto swaps even if leader camps the spawn, got a few easy leader kills last nite from this.

Guardian for ranked… WHEN TC???:thinking:

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Bro for real it was sooo annoying when people would exploit that and camp DEEP in spawn to prevent the swap and have their teammates always there to protect them

Now every leader has to be more strategic mid map like me lol that or they stupidly stay in spawn for the easy kill come swap like you said lol

I’ve actually adopted a new strat now that that’s fixed, when they still camping in spawn and I fail to break through a couple times to just chill mid map for a minute to wait for the swap, either a teammate will get him from behind if he doesn’t notice the swap, or I catch him trying to cut across.

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