Guardian in Ranked

Bring it back. Won’t hurt & it bring back players that left for COD. I have 7 friends who never came back after that but they don’t have a voice because they aren’t members of the gears community.

Sometimes TC tries to do too much. Yes we love new modes. Sure. But king,tdm, & guardian have withstood the tests of time.

I’d say instead of focusing on newer modes & then having to work from ground zero on how to improve them. Work on what we all have been starving for new unique maps. Or focus heavily on the gameplay mechanics before new modes start.

I appreciate TC trying to go above & beyond with new ideas. Much rather have maps & keep these 3 modes in permanently.

I want everyone to experience gears the way I have.

Just a thought from your average gears gamer.



i feel you man, guardian was our main game mode along with execution now they’re both gone and since they took it away from ranked my buddies stopped playing. I finally convinced them to come back and we settled for TDM, now that’s gone… and now when it returns we cant play it together. We like a competitive game where we can play as a team which to me is what gears always was. I already solo Que a lot and man there is TONS of people that just leave ranked games its a joke, the only way i could ensure that wouldn’t happen was to play with people i knew. Looks like ill be running solo now which ■■■■■■■ sucks

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