Guardian 4x XP.... Bittersweet

GREAT to see my favorite playlist highly populated. But… Wow. I think the concept of the game mode is lost on many of these players. Leaders rushing to grab the main power wagon. Quitting worse than Escalation. Players camping in spawn and just trying to rack up kills.

I’ve never killed so many leaders, but I’ve never had such a miserable time…


I might try and get a few games in tonight. I actually like the Guardian game mode a lot so it’ll be fun to play ranked, and I assume the extra XP will mean I will actually find games.

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Yea, I think you’ll find games. The lobbies were quicker than TDM believe it or not. I usually NEVER play Guardian solo because you get raped by squads. But, right now there’s a ton of mixed level people on and it’s been a breeze. I’ll make a few call outs just to give the randoms some guidance and use my bag of tricks I’ve learned from running a squad hundreds of times in this mode. A real confidence builder to be able to lead a team of randoms to victory via smart strats.

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Its still kinda dead in the EU only managed to play 3 games i total, but ill try again tomorrow when people probably now more aware of the 4xp

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I’m at 12:35 wait so far. Yay.


Matchmaking time? Welcome to my world.

It seems like 4xp isnt enough of an incentive to entice people to play it seems.

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Lol… In the day it was kickin. I tried getting on at midnight and gave up after 4min. Guess this afternoon was an anomaly.

Man guardian should have a few maps that are not in rotation. Nothing worse than leaders staying deep in spawn just sitting there. Canals is terrible for it, drydock is another.

I still need to finish my qualification games and so far in just 3 matches I’ve been matched with 25 onyx 2s 3s and like only 3 gold 3s… my best rank ever has only been silver 1 since I don’t play ranked much… I just wanted to get 4xXp but I’m getting my ■■■ kicked and it isn’t fun…
Don’t know why I’m NEVER matched with my skill level

I am having the opposite issue and keep getting lobbies with a lot of silver and bronze. It’s really strange as it’s always been my highest ranked mode but I saw hardly any onyx yesterday.

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Most of the people left on this game are the tryhard/diehard fans, so there probably aren’t all that many silver/bronzes playing at any given time.

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The waiting times are a killer…

Maybe itll be different once I actually get my rank.

But I can’t help but notice how these 2 posts basically contradict each other lol

No offence meant. :slightly_smiling_face::beers:

Maybe there are silver and bronzes in guardian. I play mostly king of the hill and escalation and it’s really rare that i see a bronze. Silvers are very sporadic.

No offence taken :wink:

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I realized what it is just now. A lot of these silver and bronze are experienced players who haven’t played guardian much.


Seems like i can find matches now which is great. just bad teammates who doesnt know how to play guardian it seems.

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I love Guardian more than anything, but due the lack of finding games in Eu, I’ve never touched it except lately…

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That’s exactly what I’ve been yelling at my TV: “Where are you going, you’re gonna get yourself kil… and you’re dead”

My wait time have been less than 1min today but I had to stop playing. IDK what is going on but I keep getting put with bronze players on my team. I’ve been onyx the past two seasons, Placed gold 2 this season and cannot go back up because of this matchmaking. I don’t even care about my rank, I just want to be playing with onyx players again. I can’t communicate with these randoms because I rarely get anyone who speaks English and I don’t know enough Spanish to guide these guys.

I went to TDM instead and got put in a lobby where I was the ONLY player with under 90ping, and ALL the other people on my team were bronze. This is the middle of the day with tons of people on but I can’t play with people from my country? Or anyone even near my rank? I MVP’d the game despite us losing but because of the ranking system I won’t go up as MVP.

My first games in Guardian since Season 0. I think TC should rotate 4xp on other non popular game modes to get players on there

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