Grub Snubbed, a new way to Argue

Of all my additions to the English language. I’d like to suggest we start using the phrase “Grub Snubbed” as a family-friendly shut down of someone in poor communal standing.

For example;
Instead of “■■■■ you!” Or “Dibshit”
Say “You’ve been Grub Snubbed!”

I think this is perfect, right?

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I ironically and unironically use quotes from gears characters in my day to day life.

I say Come to Poppa! alot lol.


The amount of times I say “Ah ■■■■” in a terrible impression of Marcus’ voice a day would be…

Well it’d be a little embarrassing I say it quite a lot.


I say “excuse me… mine” alot too lol. It’s a Dom line.

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I say too much fighting game and wrestling jargon in my social life that I couldn’t think to add Gears lingo in there at any point.

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I cant help but say their quotes lol.

Lizzies a gold mine for good quotes too.

Sometimes are work when I’m putting food up in the window I shout “and Bob’s your uncle!!!” right in the servers face.

I have several impending meetings with HR.


Can we not just say

She shoots, she scores!

God i hate sports :unamused:


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Interesting :sunglasses:

That’s not as catchy as Grub Snubbed

The tables have turned


Was thinking more “Uthyred Snubbed” but ok

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Naw “Cali Clowned” is far more appropriate.

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When I saw cursed images looking for other things I use the Keegan quote for when he spot a Sire (on latam spanish). I even try to mimic the voice :laughing:

So what does keegan say in Spanish when he spots a sire?! :rofl: :joy:

Almost the same that he says on english, but for some reason many quotes are “softened” on spanish (latam), so what he says is something like: What the hell are those things?

Don’t mind if I do.