Growing out of games

I’m asking because I’m curious if anyone has done that with a game or franchise. If that makes any sense lol.

I “grew out” of the COD franchise, I used to be a big fan but haven’t really enjoyed a game since Black Ops 3.

I’ve tried all of the new cods with the exception of Vanguard and didnt feel any desire to actually want to grind them. I dont think they are bad games but they just dont do it for me anymore.

Same pretty much. Used to love cod as a kid but now they’re all kinds bad cash grabs like a new sports game every year lol

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It’s not even me “wishing for the old days”. I just dont think I’ll ever go back to cod.

I do like to play zombies though because I’m a massive zombies fan.


Don’t play Vanguard. The zombies is worse than bo4 lol

Bo1-bo3 is my zombies :sunglasses:

Do you have a fav zombies character?

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Hard to choose man honestly. Definitely my boy Richtofen or Dempsey. I know basic answer lol

My favorite map of all time is Shadows of Evil. Such a fantastic map.

Naw dont even worry Nikolai is my fav character, because we share similar names lmao.

I wouldve been surprised if you mentioned the bo2 squad, everyone says Misty for obvious answers :flushed:

It’s in my top 3 for sure.

And the characters are great, I always liked playing as Jackie or Jessica.

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Black Ops 3 was the golden age of zombies. Its been downhill ever since.

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Admittedly I didnt really play any of the bo3 dlcs :pensive:

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You. Are. Missing. Out. My. Friend.

Every map is a banger.

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I played a bit of Der and that Russian map, I heard the jungle one was cheeks tho.

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I didn’t like any cod after bo2. Stopped playing ESO after too many balance changing, stopped playing madden, I’m nearly at the point of growing out of gow.


People dont like it because its difficult. The map is awesome.

The same was said about Shi no Numa and that Bo1 map lol.

Apparently jungle zombie maps in cod suck.

Theres one disappointing thing about the BO zombies though, the M16 has always been a trash weapon and I’m tired of the M16 slander.

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It was good in bo3 zombies. My favorite zombies bullet weapon is the M8A7. My favorite wonder weapon is the Apothican Servant.

I really grew up with gow, my cousin escaped from elementary school to play gow 3 in cyber, at that time there was already judgment but he received the same contempt that gears 5 receives right now, the way they abhor him was not normal, I am minor that him, so he took me to watch him play, at first he pretended to hate gow just because I was bored just watching him play without being able to play myself, but after that the game hooked me, this increased with the fact that a close uncle mine also played gears

And well, more than in gameplay I focused on lore, I remember that on weekends when I could use my father’s pc I used to read the gears wiki because I was very interested in history, even when I went a little older, back in 2016 my uncle let me play for a while with his console while he was gone and I tried the gears of war 4 beta, also before that I kept going with my cousin to play or watch him play, there was a time in the that 3 went out of style and what was being played was UE, when it was still alive, after playing the beta I focused on other things and put gears aside a bit, however I never totally left, until at the end of 2018 and early 2019 I played a lot of gears 4, and I was very present during the release of gears 5, and from there I have not distanced myself too much from the franchise, in fact I have some of “those moments” with the infamous 5, of those moments where you really enjoy the game blindly, although it also has to do with the music

maybe smash too, my cousin had an n64 (we never kept up with the most modern consoles) in which he had mario kart 64, mario party 2, super mario 64 and super smash bros, we usually played mario kart and party in a group, mario 64 he only played it and I saw it (again), and smash was the one that was played the least, but the one that most caught my attention, some time later my father got several wii and 360 put a console position, from there he could get smash brawl and it was the game I played the most at that time, I played it a lot, I unlocked all the characters and passed the emissary subspace, I also remember playing nsmb wii, donkey kong country returns and kirby return to dreamland, but I played brawl more After that, my father pawned all the consoles and I couldn’t play anymore, and I never tried smash 4 but I remember seeing the commercials on TV, years later I remember seeing the end of that direct (I didn’t see it in full) where it was announced ultimate for the first time, from there I followed the news of that smash, I remember seeing that e3 2018 where they revealed that all the characters would return,

And simultaneously, I got a relative to lend me a gamecube with several games including melee, so I could try melee too, I remember seeing those directs when it came out from school, that of K.rool, simon and Richter, that of isabelle, all the controversy of the grinch leak and the final direct with incineroar and the controversy of piranha plant, from there I missed the joker ad (I don’t know anything about persona), but I saw the hero and banjo of the e3 2019 (I remember they also showed halo infinite and the escape mode of gears 5 for the first time), I already knew banjo by my uncle (the one who played gears) so I was excited a lot, from there I kept up with the rest of the dlcs, my father was a KOF fan so I recognized Terry,

I also remember the sand that byleth raised, as with Joker I was somewhat absent when they revealed min min, the best thing was that, also in my childhood I was a fan of Minecraft, and it was incredible that Steve’s revelation (the one that took down Twitter) It was just my birthday, it was a quite surreal feeling and difficult to describe, I also saw the presentation of sephiroth, then in February that of pyra and mythra, then that of kazuya (it was a bad moment not to be a fan of tekken) , and I just saw Sora’s, it’s funny that I followed that game all this time and I haven’t even been able to touch a switch in my life XD, and these are only like 25% of anecdotes about videogames that I have, even though those 2 are the franchises that I have grown up with, despite being still young, I have had very hectic times

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After the Advanced Warfare trailer reveal was out, COD was no more to me at that point. Played almost exclusively MW2 and BO2 until I got Ultra Street Fighter IV in 2014. Then Street Fighter V came out in 2016, poured over 1500 hours into it, but I just rage uninstalled because of the bad ntecode. Haven’t touched it since May of this year. I also played a ton of Caslte Crashers back in the day (specifically being the legit #100 spot in Arena) until I stopped playing that in 2013 for some reason. No idea why I just dropped that game out of nowhere. There was also GTA Online, but the disc suddenly stopped working entirely when I loaded up a heist and haven’t looked back since the heists update came out in 2015 as I never bothered to get the disc repaired/buy a new copy of GTAV. Good thing too because the game became even more toxic thanks to the Oppressor Mk2 and was a grindfest overall. Bad Company 2 was also a thing in my life, but soon as I got Gears 3, it was rarely touched and I only ever play it still just to get to max rank (currently rank 49 out of 50).


Winters howl fan here


Ray Gun MKII is my second fav.

Yeah, Activision has found out that as long as the game is titled “Call of Duty”, it will sell well no matter how bad it actually is.


Been playing a fair bit of vanguard. It’s better I’ll give them that…but I do quickly get bored.

Massively looking forward to battlefield though as that was always a game I played alongside gears