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GROSS Monetization

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Made all these announcements about all of the free content you’re giving and how you can earn stuff via the tour of duty. You get what? A handful of crappy skins in TOD while charging $10 a skin, $7 a blood splatter $10 A ■■■■■■■ EMOTE! Don’t even get me started on the bare bones roster. Gears of War 1 had a larger starting roster. This is absolutely terrible and to anyone who plans to give me the “they are gonna release it later” even if they do they’re not giving anything away for free and they played the hero too. “Look, we got rid of the loot boxes WE ADDED” ironically enough, loot boxes were given at a more generous pace than what I’m doing in the tour of duty and the TOD prizes are all garbage, mostly banners yay. I can’t believe it, this game is disgusting you guys would make EA and Activision proud.


That’s how Microsoft does business


They gave a ton of free stuff in Gears 4 and are gonna do the same in Gears 5. Also Gears 4 started with a a very small character list as well. You had to unlock a lot.

At the end of the day no one is forcing you to buy anything, Theres plenty of good content you can get for free


My point exactly they didn’t add it until yesterday because it wasn’t there when it launched… Instead off fixing the fkin bugs and server and connection issues they added micro-transactions… I remember the time you had to unlock skins in the game in Gears 2 and 3 completing challenges and looking for collectibles and completing all the acts on high difficulty and such things… Man this day and age sucks even for outstanding corporate companies such as Bethesda, Coalition… etc. I remember my friends being freaked out from the cool ■■■ weapon skin that I had from completing the game on Insane with four ppl in Gears 3… Now its just oh I bought it… Get no satisfaction out of it at all


This is literally how you unlock skins in Gears 5. Yes there are premium skins and TC said there would be but you also unlock stuff through the Tour of Duty aka Challenges

Again no one is forcing you to buy anything. The game has just as many starting character as pretty much every other gears game before if. You unlock more with progress

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Do you work for them or something? I paid for a full price product that comes with nothing. And what you unlock is emotes, blood splatter and mostly banners. There are no chatacters to unlock, the product they sold is purposely barren and assuming you played 3 which you obviously didnt or you’re trolling unlocks chatacters, weapon skins and other good things people actually want not banners and blood splatters.


I started up Gears 3 last week. Even the menu and layout is still better than what we have now. Its funny ■■■■. Lol.


No I dont. I just dont get made over skins. Ive played every Gears game. Also right now you can unlock Winter Kait ,Swarm Hunter, Desert JD, Desert Del, Desert Fahz, Swarm Drone, Scarred JD, Swarm Grenadier, Winter Del, Swarm Sniper, and Desert Kairt. Thats 11 character skins.


But you saw the massive, sadistic grind you have to force yourself to get these basic skins which should be in the game by default? These are from the campaign! They just cut out these and made a progression system around it, which forces players to play modes they hate.


I’m with you. They upped the grind in this game for worse skins than what they started with in 4​:joy:But it’s Microsoft so I’m not surprised. Regardless of how much we love the franchise, we still have to remember who makes it.:roll_eyes:


So which one is it going to be here folks?
Gow4 everyone whined about how they wanted to earn skins for the end game content. Get rid of loot boxes…

Gow5 they give you unlockable content and you want loot boxes…

Or to just have it up front period…

I’m sorry this isnt a legit complaint…play the game. Unlock skins…enjoy…

Plenty of other things wrong with this game.


I must admit to being both surprised and somewhat let down we got no characters or weapon skins for campaign milestones.

I had been pitching that since Gears 4. I sincerely thought TC would have tied some into it. Easily could have put some legacy characters in.

As for the monetization, I agree it is very egregious and already aggressive. I will whisper this but I may (only may mind you) have preferred Gears 4 “business model”

Ideally we should not have this sort of things in games but as we all know it is going nowhere :frowning:


People argue the stuff you get in ToD is free so you need to just “play the game” and unlock everything. As you see, you only can unlock outfits for example in the Tour of Duty. Lets just say i want the Desert JD skin from the campaign. I hate horde. To unlock the Desert JD skin, i have to play shittons of hours of Horde. Just look at those requirements! Its totally crazy. Its absurd. This is how they force you to play gamemodes you dont want. If you avoid the gamemodes, you wont unlock anything, or just a few small, useless crap. Even the daily challenges forces you to play PVE modes, even if you are a PVP player. Its rotten to the core.


i have to agree with that if the challenges were permanent it would be fine but but medals here are for 2-3 weeks and they req. are hard to get in that short period time

plus there is no way to earn and farm Iron you get just 250iron per operation how we should earn them without using money


Agreed with the daily challenges. It’s the oppisite for me. I keep getting Win on X Map in Versus, but I prefer to play Horde. And since I prefer the Horde mode, I’m then forced into grinding out Versus for medals to try get stars. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, as it does give people something to work for, but I feel the Level ups could have rewarded something more, like Scrap or bonus Iron at each 5 levels, similar to 4 with the 500 Credits per 5 levels.


I think it’s a good thing that you get only a small amount of skins and characters at the start. Means you have a motive to actually start earning and unlocking things. Gears 4, you got so much free/easy to get stuff to begin with, that kind of motive was lost and so the rewarding feeling of actually obtaining some of the unique customisations was lost. I feel bad for TC at this point; they got rid of microtransactions (correction, lootboxes) and all this stupid looking trippy and colourblast stuff and made it more tasteful looking earnable content and they still get an earful for it. They can’t win can they?


They didnt get rid of the microtransactions, and every tasteful looking skins so far is in the store. The stuff you unlock in ToD is mostly from the campaign, and a few other really small stuff.


Medals are here for 3 months, it is incorrectly listed in game.

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Just imagine, someone picks up the game 2 months later, and more than half of the unlockables cannot be earned because of the lack of time.


On the flip side, new content every 3 months that you don’t have to pay anything extra for.