Grinding - Forge, overload, blood drive, district or Exhibit?

Which map do you prefer if you had to grind out? Note: this is personal preference, so you could pick any map between them five.

Personally for me it’s between overload or exhibit but if I had to chose one it will be Exhibit. However, I do change up things around rather than sticking to one map at a time so I would pick Exhibit and maybe overload.

Although, I still see lot of people picking Forge, however, the downside of Forge is that it could be possibility that Kestrel or Swarmak would show up. Therefore, it’s advantage for playing exhibit or overload.

Overload is my go to. Matches are quick and characters like Emile are usable due to the close quarters. Sadly not many people typically host it, and when I do, it takes awhile to get people to join.

If I had to grind for the likes of XP or character xp then it would have to be Overload. It only takes an hour or less to complete 50 waves, provided you have a good team, and you can trap the enemies on one side of the map.

Grinding a master 1-50 for XP is pointless unless you are the Marcus or Fahz player getting all the ribbons.

Few weeks ago I did one as Keegan on Overload (took exactly 1 hour), but I didn’t even go up 1 level (re-up 27 at the time IIRC) because I only got 20 ribbons total.

Not to mention the pathetic 10 blue and green cards I got…

I’ll just stick to Escape.


It’s all personal preference. Some players prefer horde or escape. Although, I prefer escape on clock.

Overload to getting cards for Jack, The Clock for anything else

Escape is the only reasonable way :frowning:

Raven Down, Warzone, first to 19, 1 min rounds, you’ll get Seriously in…wait…what was the question again…?

Gears 5 grinding…hmmmmm…it grinds my gears lol…ummmm…best map to grind in Gears 5…does the ‘off’ button count as a map, that’s the only thing worth grinding when it comes to TC5.