“Grind season” requirements changed?

I went to look at the achievement on TrueAchievements today and noticed the description says “ Won 25 Ranked matches in one Ranked Season.” I couldn’t find anything about this anywhere else, including OP4’s patch notes. If this change is accurate, then getting the achievement is much less of a headache. Anyone have any insights?

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It appears certain new achievements are visible already after installing the update, according to other forum users, so perhaps Grind Season has also been changed with Op 4. Would verify if I had installed the update already but it’s currently still in the process of being downloaded.

1 secret achv tho

Edit “wake up in the med bay in escape”

Why do you go around spoiling it for people?


If this is true… That’s super lame. I actually just got this achievement last week.

There are 24 new achievements https://www.trueachievements.com/n42442/gears-5-operation-4-brothers-in-arms-achievements

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I noticed that too. Great news for anyone that hasn’t got it. Unlucky on those who won a ranked game 1 per week for the whole operation. Now to get that 100K Kills in Versus reduced lol