Grind season acheivment not received

“Win a ranked match each week of a ranked season”
I did this and didn’t get the achievement. Anyone else?

Grind season was for the first 12 weeks of Operation 1.

If you have indeed done this then you will have the achievement on the boot up from Tuesday 3rd December. I’ve not heard of anyone not getting this.

I did exactly that. I know I made an effort to get AT LEAST 1 win a week.

Just curious, as it in the same playlist each week?

Sorry for the late reply. I don’t recall which game Modes I specifically won but I do play all of the modes except execution. Mostly TDM and escalation.

Im wondering whether it only counts a win in the same playlist each week.

I didn’t get it either but that’s likely because there was like a week straight where I was pretty much only playing Gears 4 and didn’t really feel like playing GOW5/G5 execution at the time.