[Grind Over!] A Massive Thank You To Everyone Who Helped Make This Possible!

23rd July.

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Hopefully i get some time to play tomorrow. If not i will have to wait until Sept. 6th.


6th September is not too far away now!

We got just over a month to wait and I’m sure TC will keep the info coming.

Big horde reveal to go as well.


Yeah i havent spent too much time in Horde. I might try some Escape. I can get into the timed leaderboards kind of thing. Depending how much variation the mode has.

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Not my thing but it’s definitely incentivised correctly and will no doubt be very popular!

Im still going to spend the majority of my time in KOTH and 2v2. Plus Wingman and FFA if they get added.

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How about a Wingman KOTH variation. Would be cool. Not sure exactly how you could get it to work. But the thought intrigues me.

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This is actually a good idea.

It would just be 1 or 2 rings that you can contest to capture and each pair rack up points until the pair with 180 or so wins the match.

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Always a pleasure.

I feel shame about that last session with you and Mr Bears… I was all discombobulated thanks to the wonders of Logitech.


Aha and still you did great as always!

Hope you got it sorted in the end :raised_hands:

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I have to also congratulate you on your patience… I didn’t play much after I hit D3 last season due to those wait times, as you know. I think the only matches I played were when you were trying to get into North America…

This season I figure I’ll slow roll it and solo Q a lot to extend the life ranking up in order to find matches without as much frustration :smiley: :smiley:



Since end of Season 5, it’s been very tough.

A lot of players deserted Ranked KOTH because of what TC did which was a shame!

Otherwise, I’ve mainly played on US servers since Season 6!

Good ■■■■

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Congrats now to move on to gears 5 and complain about its broken versus XD


First post on this forum, and it’ll probably be the last as forums aren’t really my thing, but I wanted to thank EnVii for his kind words.

It was an absolute pleasure, especially when we could get games stack vs. stack long ago and it was fair. Now, I feel that I can finally retire my Gnasher as Gears 4 comes to an end.

I’m a relatively unknown player, but a shout out to all in this community that I’ve had the pleasure of playing alongside.


Aw thanks for the kind words and reply!

I know @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l @Krylon_Blue @ll_R_E_D_l always speak highly of you too!

Very talented player and I’m sure will be up there on leaderboards if we decide to play 5 :crossed_fingers:


I know who you are :wink:

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Its always a pleasure to play with you and @anon71290348…Not so much against you :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But always a good time


Yea, I get the feeling it wouldn’t be fun playing vs them, from how things were going in our matches, and on the scoreboard.

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Imagine that with 5 of us :eyes: