[Grind Over!] A Massive Thank You To Everyone Who Helped Make This Possible!

Thank you!

Yeah, our games together were really fun and the level of comms is just what you need in KOTH!


No doubt.

What’s odd is the varying degree of opinions. My group seems to love the changes while yours dislike it. Considering we all loved Gears 4 all the same it’s crazy how much we differentiate


I still think @III_EnVii_III will change his mind. And i actually think the competition level in Gears 5 will be even greater. And we know how much @III_EnVii_III likes stomping the competition.

@III_EnVii_III just like lobby simulators. That D5 is actually a newly created rank for the mode you waited in the lobby most for.


Seriously, can’t say I will tbh - I hope you’re right.

I mean, I don’t even care to play it right now and will wait till release.

I did always say Gears 5 would be my last MP game I play if I like it, I have quite a lot of leisure time right now but I’m looking to work abroad soon and expand out into some other countries for my property portfolio. Literally no time then!

Lol. I dont know how he did it. I played one match with him. I think we waited an hour.


I seriously think I’ve spent the most time in that matchmaking lobby, I must have that record :sweat_smile:


And it was a typical match against a stack without being allowed to stack yourself :sweat_smile:


There’s a single D5 in KotH Lobby Simulator. You got it and luckily for you no one will ever dethrone you even if you stopped playing forever.


TC don’t realise my dedication :sob:


Pfft, I love Gears but even I would have given up. You have the patience of a saint.

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I think its early changes will come whether they are before or after launch.

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I know I will enjoy the Campaign.

That’s what I’m really looking forward too.

Having that on Ultra & Insane at 120-144 FPS will literally be the icing on the cake.


Speaking of FPS, the latest NVIDIA drivers increased my frames pretty dramatically on Gears 5.


Oh did they?

I might give that a go then,

Post a benchmark in my benchmark thread?

Just plain Ultra presets at 2K.

I might actually try it tomorrow now :eyes:

Yeah i think the campaign will be good. And i still think TC wants Gears to be competitive. So i dont see them leaving the game with any sort of limited skill gap. I think they will make some adjustments.

On my current settings I was pulling 105-120fps. But the new drivers were pulling 120-161fps pretty consistently. Obviously I have a 144hz monitor but to see those numbers was a pretty big difference.

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The word competitive is exclusively thrown around way too much.

It should always be FUN and competitive.

I know a lot of people like it, just talking in a broader sense.


Yeah, big difference for sure!

Oh nice! When did that driver release?