[Grind Over!] A Massive Thank You To Everyone Who Helped Make This Possible!

I finally hit Diamond 5 Master Rank in KOTH!

It took a total of 4 days play time with many hours of searching in between this Season.

Previosuly I had hit Diamond 3 and then a brick wall when it came to finding games.

Then Season 6 brought in Strict Matchmaking coupled with Region Locks, making it very tough to simply find games!

Easily some very good, competitive games as well as the more ‘relaxed ones’.

However, it woudn’t have been possible without my friends on this forum and my friends on XBL that put up with the wait times and helped me get there.

This achievement is as much theirs as mine!

Thank You:

@Teady_Bearz - Absoulte beast and machine. Never rages. Always cool, calm and collected. Easily one of the best players I know.

@l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l - always fun to have you in my team and banter is always a good one!

@XtraTrstrL - has me sweating bullets when Gears 4 does its thing and crashed but makes a combeack and has been excellent in our games! I’ll never forget that last one, what an absolute SWEATY game!

@OneShotShelly - has magical powers to get instant games.

@ll_R_E_D_l - measured, and a good ally to have on the battlefield.

@Krylon_Blue - always has a space in my team, knows what to do and just does it!

@AliceInChainsaw - is a busy person but I’ll always have time and space in my team for this guy!

@GhostofDelta2 - if he joins your party, then it’s going to be a good time. And usually, all I have is time when in the lobby!

I hope I havent missed anyone and also a shout out to my XBL friends:

DodsonTH - the best wingman anyone could ever ask for.

Mercenary - solid Gnasher slayer. Straight to the point.

Silent ChaosZ - easily one the best players. Sniper Ability is insane.

TheReaper - lots of energy. Lots.

And everyone else who helped too!

Now I can finally rest knowing I’ve completed my modes and can stop playing 2v5 and 3v5s!

It’s been a great journey thats for sure.


Congrats!! Well deserved!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Here is your trophy:


You earned it.


Thank You!!

Now it’s your turn in 5!

Do me proud!

It shall never leave my cabinet!!


In all due honestly with those extravagant wait times noone earned it more than you! I would have given up long ago. Lol. Your patience is immense.


People ask me how and why I do it. Wait hours for one game - but I don’t think I’ll like another MP as much as UE and 4 :grimacing:

But definitely the end of it now!


We will see! I think Gears 5 will come around!

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Oooh, that Diamond 5 image looks sweet! Congrats!


Great job Envii! It was an honor to get to play along side you!


Congrats bro.

Hopefully Gears 5 grows on you like it did me. Apparently I’m a Master Rank :grinning::joy:

But in all seriousness I’m amazed you could find enough matches. TC tried to screw you over but you persisted. Jokes on them. :kissing_heart:


I would normally skip this kind of post but it turned out to be an actual “thank you all” instead of “I’m a D5 grubs”.

Good for you, specially considering the stress involved to actually find a match in the first place.


Honour is all mine!

Thanks! You know full well as much as anyone some of the stuff you have to sit/play through!


I’m lucky I get to play alongside some very interesting and cool peeps!


Boy do I.

Long wait times, rare instance of hackers, awful hit detection caused by our Southern friends and a whole list of nonsense. I’m not 100% positive but I think I could be a D5 or at the very least almost break into it with a high D4 if there was some dang consistency to the game. But just when you are about to move up you get into a match that’s so bad you’d swear you’re on a P2P Mexican host.

But again, I hope Gears 5 does indeed grow on you. I’d like to play that with you. Escalation is straight garbage though. Whoever sat there at the office and thought this was a good idea has a very limited idea on what’s truly fun. Waiting between rounds for teams to select weapons isn’t fun; it’s boring and tedious. But hope to see you on KotH.


The Esports guys must have requested that garbage, otherwise I dont know what TC was thinking.

Yeah, not getting games and being forced to switch servers is the worst part when EU is normally solid for consistently.

Maybe they will take the feedback and alter it a little but I’m honestly done with as a whole.

Haven’t even placed in the Tech Test yet and a lot of my fiends aren’t too keen on it.

I guess TC’s vision is just different to what makes Gears so fun in past games in my opinion.

But although the tech test has been a negative for me, I’ll give it another chance in the final release and if not, move onto MCC PC but just for fun.

Idk, I agree with Krylon that it’s a very tedious, overly convoluted mode.

You spend so much time between rounds staring at the map than playing and it can be over with a triple cap or full team elimination.

Yeah i am also agreeing with @Krylon_Blue it is a convoluted mess. I just wonder whose idea it was.

I think Ryan Cleven said TC went back to the drawing board and kind of re-invented it.

Congratulations Envi :smiley: I bet @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l is the one who carried you most of the time am I right :eyes:


GG Envii! I Hope this accolade will motivate you to continue your winning ways in Gears 5.



He got that special rank called Diamond 6 :open_mouth: