Grind on ranking is so stupid

Ok. Now we get 1 point for elms. So now you need to be in a sweaty match for 3 rounds of koth just to score all your GP… and that’s only if you win that sweaty game… then you can win two rounds to nothing and against a team. And only get say 20 to 50 GP… do if your diamond you get 30 GP at the end of a match. So let’s say you win 3 games in a row and you have gained a 90 GP out them 3 games… then next game you get a quitter. You got put in 170 GP at diamond. You get stomped and can only get 20 GP out the game cause teams bad Pluss a quitter. The last 3 games you won mean nothing. And you losses double the GP which is about 140 to 150 Go in one game. One point for a elm is not enough. When you have left the game GP to enter the game the same… TC are so lazy it’s untrue. After 4 weeks of feedback the best they can come up with is drop it from two points a elm to one… and not change game GP to enter nothing for pick up teammates. Nothing for spotting… Pluss you can also win 3. Then next game end up on a server of a 180 ping no chance of winning. Same againg… all 3 games you won before was for nothing… Europe servers are so dead it rarely any chance of playing someone on the same ping. For me TC have killed gears off… just so lazy no clue and just use us as beta testers for the hole time the games out. And I guarantee the post will be took down as if they don’t like what you say about them or the game… they flag it…

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