Gridiron wins not showing

Played Gridiron and won rounds that totalled 14 points, I restarted gears and then my PC and nothing. How long will this take to get fixed? I really want to run on whole grain

Servers taking time to update stats? We saw something similar at OP3 launch.

taking screenshots just in case to prove my wins

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Blessings of borgar upon you

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Ranked or social?


Give me a moment - am finishing a ranked game. I had the same problem with social as well. I wonder if it has to be ranked games?

They wouldn’t do that because they restrict rank to low re-up players and they would want everyone to get it

Not necessarily. This week is all about Gridlock coming to ranked playlists so it wouldn’t surprise me. Either way, I’ll let you know when I finish.

EDIT: Gridiron - you know what I meant! :smiley:

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Playing rn and the last dude got killed by the train

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@Buster_McTunder The typo gods smile upon thee


Okay, so I played one social and one ranked game and won both. After the social win there was zero progress. However my progress has definitely updated after the ranked game and is showing as 7/25. My social progress from earlier hasn’t updated at all otherwise it would be 14/25.

I can also confirm that my quickplay matches didn’t count but my ranked matches did :slightly_smiling_face:

My social progress updated.

Mine didn’t update. Guess it needs ranked wins. Not a deal-breaker but damn shoulda said it before I spent like 40 minutes on this already. Oh well, least I racked up some lancer elims.

Ranked Gridiron is completely broken. I played my 5 placement games and lost every single one by a lot plus played very badly. I placed at the top of the leaderboard with a Master Rank and 20000 tier points.


Why is it only ranked? That’s such a stupid ■■■■■■■ idea

The idea is fine. It’s the not telling us and making us find out like this that irks me.

What about the people that can’t play ranked yet? They’re gonna lose out on a skin for not sinking as much time Why couldn’t it just be social? Ranked is a monkey pit of hell

The event is 2 weeks. The threshold to play ranked is pretty low - something like level 30 (no re-ups) if I remember correctly. It’s like everything else that is time-limited - TOD1, TOD2, Scion Grampus, store items… if people miss it then they miss it.