Gridiron Win Condition

Can anyone tell me why some games you win with 12 wins only and other you don’t?

I’ve had many game where we are 10-0 and still need to go to 13. Meaning we went 12-0 and won again.

And then I’ve been in other games where it was 10-9 and and the other team won 12-9.

I find it stupid to have first to 13 if you can win with 12 points.

Side note, I also think gridiron rank is busted since the reset. I’m only getting single digit points with every won regardless of 14-0 sweeps and losing hundreds of points with losses. I’m a diamond player on other playlists. It’s super annoying being stuck in bronze 2-3 and playing with kids that literally don’t know how to play the game.

For me any way I find this only happens if at some stage there is a possession point and not a touch down or the other team has been wiped out so you only end up with one point and it kinda throws the whole thing off cause I love finishing on an even score lol.

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I believe its because of the round count. Once you get to 12 rounds, the team with the most points wins. If both teams are on equal points by round 12 there is a overtime round 13.

Otherwise you could have a scenario where you have 25 rounds with every round going to the timer, with only possession victories.

And with it being 2 minutes a round, its possible to have a match last 50 minutes, before you even put intermission time in there.

Sometimes it tells you that the other team must score 2, like for example in a 12-0 scenario, this also matches up with the 12 round explanation.


This is correct.

It is almost like a forced surrender if one team is so far behind that they can’t win with the remaining rounds. If this is the case at the start of a round it will pop up and say for example “COG team needs to score 2 points to stay in the match”.

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